As Kyle Larson prepares to take pole position in the first NASCAR Cup series in Pocono on Saturday, he will have the ability to win the Cup series four times in a row as he will continue his recent winning streak Keep going on the basis.

But a year ago, Larson’s game in another NASCAR event seemed unfathomable.

Larson was fired by Chip Ganassi Racing in 2020 and banned by NASCAR in 2020 because of his use of racial slander in the Twitch live broadcast, which puts his future in the sport into question.

Since then, he has been trying to make up for his mistakes, He said that the damage left behind may be “unrepairable.”

Look back at why Larson was suspended and what he has done since.

What did Kyle Larson say about being suspended?

In April 2020, during the iRacing event on the game streaming platform Twitch, Larson used racial slander, Said, “You can’t hear me? Hey, n—” when he didn’t believe he was talking to all the drivers.

The rebound came quickly.He was banned by Nazca and fired Chip Ganassi Racing And all of him Sponsor termination Their relationship with him. He publicly apologized for the incident and apologized to Bubba Wallace, one of the few black drivers in motorsports. Who has he had several conversations with Regarding his use of the word.

“Last night, I made a mistake and said something that should never be said without any excuses,” Larson said on Twitter“I didn’t grow up like that. It’s terrible to say, I am very sorry for my family, my friends, my partners, the NASCAR community, and especially the African American community. I understand that this damage may not be repaired and I admit this. But I just want everyone to know how sorry I am, and I hope everyone stays safe during these crazy times.”

Although Larson did not participate in NASCAR for the remainder of the 2020 NASCAR Cup series, he did participate The world of outlaws Less than a month later, he completed the sensitivity training required to participate in the competition.

Larson is not Restored from NASCAR to OctoberAt the time, the racing agency stated that he could return to the Cup Series on January 1, 2021.

Off-track effort

Larson continued to participate in mud games throughout the summer, and he also spent time on self-study in other fields.

According to a Associated Press Report, Larson worked with Tony Sanneh, a retired football player and Sonny Foundation, A non-profit organization that works with youth in the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area. According to reports, Larson and Sonny transported and sorted food a few weeks before George Floyd was killed, then returned shortly afterwards to see where Freud was killed and visited the area where the protest took place. .

Larson said in the report: “I never really realized my privileges in the process of growing up.” “I never had to worry about anything, I think I was too naive. I did not fully understand that people are doing different things every day. And struggling. It’s very influential and very touching.”

According to the report, Larson also returned to the Urban Youth Racing School in Philadelphia, where he had previously volunteered, apologized for his use of slander, and learned from founder Anthony Martin and his wife Michel about the United States. Racial inequality in history.

According to the report, Martin believes that Larson’s efforts are sincere. They came from his wanting to learn from his mistakes, not just trying to rebuild his public image.

Larson Recently told NBCSports He continued to work with the Urban Youth Racing School and his own foundation, Kyle Larson Foundation, Committed to helping young people, families and communities in need.

“I did a lot of things last year, just to educate myself and make myself a better person. I think I was humble throughout the year. I like it. I like to feel like an ordinary person, just to blend in, This is a good thing,” Larson told NBCSports. “It is always important for me to give back and self-education.”

Return to NASCAR, back of sponsor

Larson said in an interview with NBC Sports that he never thought he would not return to the racing track, but he did believe that returning to NASCAR might not happen. He said that it wasn’t until around August or September that he began to think he might be able to return to the Cup series.

“I might prefer to participate in NASCAR competitions because I don’t think I will participate in competitions again,” Larson said.

He continued: “But I am also a bit looking forward to the entire last year,’Well, this is my new life. I will participate in 100 games every year. I will like it and do my best. You have a lot of ideas.” Oh, do I have to let my child go to school at home now? “There are many sacrifices and things, and walking around on the road. It’s an interesting way of life, but it’s really difficult. So I am grateful to be able to return to Nazca.”

NBC Sports Previously reported In October, shortly after Larson was reinstated by NASCAR, Henrick Motorsports signed a multi-year contract with Larson.

Now, the sponsor is returning to the 2021 Cup Series champion driver. According to a recent report from NBC Sports, Larson was once again sponsored by the winning card before the Ally 400 at the Nashville Super Speedway. Valvoline CEO Sam Mitchell stated that the company feels that “the vast majority” believes Larson is ready for the second opportunity, and Mitchell stated that Valvoline feels he is taking full advantage of this new opportunity.

Larson said he felt that he had learned a lot from the past year, which helped him become a smarter and better person today.

“Obviously I hope it didn’t happen last year, but in many ways, I’m very happy that it happened because it helped me grow as a person,” Larson said. “It brings me closer to my friends, family, and other people I have never talked to before, and it helps self-education. This is great for my children and other growing children. Of teaching moments.

“Of course, it brings more benefits than disadvantages. …Life for a few weeks was terrible (after being fired and suspended), but when I got through the bottom, I realized that it would bring good things. “


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