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Amazon Studios is shifting its production Lord of the Rings The series from New Zealand to the United Kingdom dealt a blow to the two-year relationship between Pacific countries and the film franchise.

Amazon said on Friday that the production transfer of the flagship series is in line with its strategy of expanding its footprint and investing in UK studio space.The decision represents a coup British Film Industry, Due to the restrictions of the coronavirus pandemic last year, it is rebounding after a few months of suspension of filming.

But the failure of the Amazon series caused painful disappointment in New Zealand, which built a lucrative film and tourism industry based on the success of Peter Jackson’s original. Lord of the Rings Trilogy.

More than 2,000 people participated in the filming and production of the film Season one The Amazon series recently ended in New Zealand. Before the first season of Amazon Prime Video premieres in September 2022, the production of the second season will move to the UK in June next year.

The New Zealand authorities took advantage of the country’s spectacular scenery-and provided hundreds of millions of dollars in tax breaks-to attract films and TV productions based on JRR Tolkien’s work.

The original Hobbiton movie based on the Jackson movie is now one of America’s most classic movies Popular tourist attractions Air New Zealand decorated the dwarves, wizards and other characters in the movie on its planes.

The success of Peter Jackson’s “Lord of the Rings” trilogy helped the Hobbiton movie become a very popular tourist attraction © Reuters

New Zealand Minister of Economic Development Stuart Nash (Stuart Nash) said he was disappointed with Amazon’s decision and confirmed that Wellington will cancel some of its tax relief to ensure production.

“The competition in the international film industry is very fierce and highly mobile. We do not regret providing the best filming opportunities for this film with the support of the government,” he said.

Amazon is still eligible for a 20% tax rebate valued at 132 million New Zealand dollars ($92 million), and the government estimates that it spent NZ$663.7 million in New Zealand in the first quarter. But Nash said the studio could no longer get the 5% tax relief originally provided by Wellington.

Amazon’s Lord of the Rings drama Thousands of years before the incident Hobbit and Lord of the Rings Books and chart the re-emergence of evil in Tolkien’s fictional land Middle-earth.

Russell Alexander, general manager of Hobbiton Movie Set Tours, said the move was disappointing, especially because of Covid Crack down on tourism hard.

“Although we have no direct connection with the production, we look forward to seeing New Zealand return to the screen as Middle-earth in the first season,” Alexander said.

The New Zealand Film Commission said that the domestic industry may recover from the loss of the series.

“It’s a shame, and I feel sorry for all those who have devoted themselves to the show,” said David Strong, the chief executive of the committee. “Our role now is to work hard to keep the New Zealand screen industry employed.”

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