Back in June, when Lord Unexpectedly released her comeback single and video “Solar energy“——Featured with sunflower yellow Mountain road Two-piece, one midsummer-The fanatical adoration of Sunkissed followers, and the ouzo-we can’t help but feel that there is something understatement in the whole incident.Does the singer drag gently (if affectionately) Health influencer Talk to her about “Bringing boys and girls to the beach?” Or when she describes herself as “a bit like a prettier Jesus”?

Anyway, Lorde’s “Mood Ring” video definitely has an element, her new single released earlier today, which is no joke: her brand new blonde hair. Yes, you’re not mistaken. The musician, who was once the most outstanding Gothic princess in pop music, replaced her famous dark brown hair in the video, instead choosing a cold, almost white hue, and the Byron Bay influencer carefully The planned feed will not appear out of place. (or Even Carisi, The mother of dragons. )

Wearing a coordinated mint green dress, Lord and her followers sway gracefully in the ethereal light of her neutral-toned tent. Lord holding hands, leaning on the floor like a prayer circle for synchronized swimmers, singing for her team, and starting their sun salutation and transcendent meditation. “You can burn the sage and I will clear the crystal,” she added. Regardless of whether her health influencer skills are real or not, we all know one thing: the appearance does suit her.

This story originally appeared in Fashion Net.

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