I was immersed in climate change news, policy, and science all day, and rewired my brain. An example of this is that whenever I hear that someone in popular culture may have started discussing this topic, my blood will start to flow.Has written a lot about the need for more Cover the warming atmosphere, more movie with books, better one storytelling, To help people deal with and respond to the crises we face. It is exhausting to know that climate change is the perpetual background of modern life, but it is almost absent in the cultural description.

So when I learned that Lord was releasing a film called Solar energy, My expectations soared to the roof. Will the world finally get a climate ode to the streets? Will there be a choir to guide all my climate-related sadness, frustration, and hope, just like shouting “I fucking still love you” on Olivia Rodrigo’s “driver’s license” bridge? If it is not the national anthem, maybe, just maybe, one of the most important renewable energy solutions for global warming will get a theme song as a treat?

My expectations are not completely unfounded.After all, the New Zealand pop star once advertised to fans Her trip to Antarctica 2019 to learn more about climate change.In a letter sent to her mailing list last year, Lord said that she started working on a new album after the hike, calling the continent a “great white palette cleaner, a celestial body I must pass through. Only in the hall can I start making the next thing.” She announced Text and photos from the trip, Donated the proceeds to a fund supporting climate research in Antarctica.

Lord also publicly calculated the carbon footprint of her performance. “I am a pop star, and I drive this huge machine, which takes up resources and emits emissions-I have no illusions about it,” She told the sign Earlier this year.Instead of releasing Solar energy On the CD, she released a “music Box,” Plastic-free packaging of her works, photos, posters and download links. Her merchandise store now sells T-shirts made from “100% recycled American cotton.”

Then there is the Jack Antonov factor. Lord’s co-producer, she also participated in the production of her last album, Melodrama, Has long been involved in large-scale stadium rock music and songs with inspirational chorus. Filming his first breakthrough single with Fun. band, “we are young. In the choir, as many voices sang in unison, the music slowed down, “Tonight, we are still young. So let us light the world, we can burn brighter than the sun. “His other band, Bleachers, focuses on irresistible Clapping and singing hookOf course, this combination of skills and Lord’s emotional writing can at least produce a song to inspire people’s views on reducing carbon emissions.

However, this calculus proved to be wrong.

June, Don Lord Posted a video For the title song-which is about summer joy, not photovoltaic cells-she told fans in the newsletter, “This album is a celebration of the natural world, trying to keep me outdoors.” But now the rest is left. The songs are already out, and apart from the beach-like, cheerful sound of the album, it is difficult to find more evidence to prove this kind of celebration. Gone are the electronic beats; fever, which leads to accumulation; and anxiety about past hits, such as “Green light. “Instead, Solar energy Like a warm summer breeze blowing over you, it evokes the feeling of lying on the beach all day long. In the lyrics, Lord spends more time dealing with her past and playing her new, cold outlook on life, rather than commemorating nature or fighting its slow destruction.

Lord tried two songs in this 12-song album. exist”Fruit drop“,” she spoke to “people before us”, accusing them of ruining the world for future generations. “You will let us dance on the fallen fruit,” she whispered.Leader of the new regime“,” she asked “someone, anyone” if it would lead us into a better future, and proposed a far-fetched choice: escape to an island sanctuary for the rest of my life. Neither of these two songs are bangs, There are not even obvious hooks. I would be surprised if any of them appeared on the radio, let alone the streets.

To be fair, Lord warned a few months ago Solar energy Will not become her “climate change record.” “I am not a climate activist, I am a pop star,” she said Tell the guardianSince it was released, she has said more about it. “When making an album on the environment, what reminds me is that we are in a very serious climate crisis,” she wrote in the album’s Spotify Stories feature. “It’s tricky to know how much effort it takes to be a songwriter, do you know?”

In the end, she didn’t really “go there”, at least in any way that resonated with me-but I won’t blame her for it. Artists like Lorde have been under a lot of pressure to provide popular songs, manage their image, and please their huge fan base. For Lord, she reached the top of the rankings for the first time at the age of 16. This pressure was applied before she graduated from high school and knew who she was or who she wanted to be. If she is not ready to bear the additional burden of getting involved in climate politics, can I blame her?

At the same time, it is difficult to ignore the motivation and influence of people in Lord’s position.exist Solar energy, She tried to quickly downplay this power. “If you are looking for a savior, it’s not me,” she sang in the first song, “path. “The person in my place will not save us all spiritually,” She recently told USA Today.

But many people Do Seek spiritual guidance from music and seek artists to help them understand the world. I don’t want Lord’s climate song to save anyone or solve any problems, but instead of indulging in “fallen fruits”, she can also help listeners imagine a better future.

Musicology professor Shana L. Redmond said that this forward-looking narrative is a key feature of the national anthem with important social significance.Reporter Kendra Pierre-Louis recently had a conversation with Redmond An episode of the Climate Solutions podcast on how to save the planet Regarding the source of the national anthem and why there is no strong competitor for the climate national anthem. Pierre-Louis found an obvious reason why my influence on the popular climate might have failed: “How many popular musicians are, like, immersed in the daily activities of sports construction?”

However, there is something about Solar energy This is still disappointing. Maybe it’s now. If this record were released in May, right after I was vaccinated, before the wildfire season began, because the weather is getting warmer, the prospect of spending lazy beach days with friends is within reach, it might be Received different blows.But now I hear it because the number of COVID-19 cases and deaths has surged again, because the West is always shrouded in smog and drought Threatened to trigger a water warSince the active hurricane season is approaching and the US government has not yet managed to pass meaningful legislation to address climate change, this album is considered deaf. At a time when it becomes increasingly impossible to escape from these crises, it promotes the palliative power of escape, even for a day, unless you have enough money to isolate yourself.

Nevertheless, there is a song on the album that may unwittingly become a competitor to the climate national anthem. After listening to the album for three days, I found myself singing the end of the title song around the house, forming a catchy harmony with the artists Phoebe Bridgers and Clairo. Lorde sang “solar energy” over and over again. this phrase. minute. I can immediately imagine the sound coming from the speakers at a climate meeting or the opening of a new solar school. Next time you need to be free from the climate haze, you can try to wear it and remind yourself that nothing is lost, we do have a solution. We just need to start deploying them.


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