Wednesday, April 20, 2022

This had its fair share of hype moments a while back and was a hit on my wish list, although it took some time to get to the online store here. I was curious not to try it even though I have read reviews that this is not a formula for dry skin. I was swayed by the before/after reviews, how amazing it looked on the skin, and the people who commented on dry skin saying it was ok for them. The effect of it is described as a soft focus filter, so it has a nice blur effect, which I’ve always been interested in, and I’ve heard that it also has a good coverage, which you don’t often see on powders. It was supposed to be more of a liquid foundation, so I imagined it as a compact mineral foundation, but that didn’t convince me, and months later I’m still confused about the formula.

Texture, coverage and finish: This is nothing like a liquid foundation on my skin. It’s a looser powder than usual, and a brush or sponge picks up a lot of product at once, but even though I used the added sponge, it had only light coverage. I couldn’t build this up because trying to add a layer would end up taking up some of the powder. People with oily skin may not have such a problem. I have had such a different experience with this one. It felt dry the first time because I forgot to apply moisturizer that day, it just didn’t stick to the skin so I got little coverage. In other attempts, it made my skin look old. On a regular basis it looks super fake and cakey; then the day before/after my photoshoot it looks the best with even light coverage and a not too matte finish, but it’s on me The sides of the nose look like cake. It never looked the way I expected, I was just trying to get it to work. I always use the added sponge, which I have heard is the best way to apply foundation, while with the brush I don’t get any coverage. Once it hides my smile line, but only for a few hours, it makes them look like canyons the next time I try it – I just don’t get this product. The finish is powdery matte and it’s visibly/looks like it’s just sitting on the skin.

Staying Power: It does not last long on my skin. The coverage was low at first, but it didn’t stick to my skin very well either – even with moisturiser under it. I have dry skin and my natural oils don’t really get through throughout the day, but I feel like this foundation might work better for those who have at least some oil.

shadow: I have 20 Ivory, which is the lightest shade I’ve seen in European online stores (our drugstore doesn’t have it yet), but there are lighter shades in the US. It’s not a great match as it’s too dark for a shade or two, but the problem is actually like almost every L’Oreal foundation I’ve tried, it has this orange tint. When I apply it on one of my foundations, it especially stands out as ugly orange patches.

Package: It has two compartments, one with powder and one with mirror and sponge. Other reviewers say this sponge is the best way to apply this foundation and I haven’t found a way that is better or helps to make this work better for me.

Price and Availability: I ordered this on Look Fantastic when there was a 3 to 2 offer. Pharmacies are expensive, LF is 15 euros, but more expensive in DM Austria (almost 19 euros! German DMs are cheaper, around 13-14 euros).

Overhyped and overpriced. I regret buying this, but I wish I could find a way to use it. I’m mostly obsessed with the shade because otherwise I could use it in small amounts as a regular powder, although it’s very picky, now it just looks orange, especially when I apply it over foundation or skincare, so it’s more sticky on the skin. I didn’t get the blurring effect I was hoping for – if anything, it made my skin look worse. I think it’s best for people with oily-combination skin as it just sits on my dry skin. I also don’t like the liquid foundation in this line and I don’t like the Infallible concealer either.

Have a good day!