lotus With the announcement of the production of four new electric cars, a big step towards the mainstream has been taken, and only one of them is Sports car. Others include a sedan and two SUVs. In addition to new product releases, the automaker also revealed that its Lotus Technology Department will set up a headquarters in Wuhan. China.

with Elise outside the painting And a pocket full of cash From Geely -Parent company Volvo, Too-Lotus is pushing its Ambitious expansion plan. It announced that it will add four models to the lineup Electric car As shown in the picture above: an SUV named Type 132 will be launched in 2022, a four-door coupe named Type 133, which is expected to be launched in 2023, and the second SUV named Type 134 , Will make its debut in 2025, and the sports car currently known as Type 135 is said to be seen in 2026.This is not the first time that Lotus has made Crazy claims about its futureBut this time it may really have the funds to realize it.

We know that an SUV is in preparation, Leaked patent image Its exterior design may have been revealed, but the sedan and the second premium model are new members of the company’s product roadmap. Lotus explained that its so-called “premium lifestyle” vehicles (pronounced: four-door models) will be equipped with a new platform called Lotus Premium, which is said to be highly modular.Its wheelbase can vary from about 114 to 122 inches, and it can Battery A battery pack with a capacity of 92 to 120 kWh. It is also compatible with an 800-volt charging system, and Lotus claims that a vehicle based on the new architecture will be able to reach 60 mph from a stopped state in less than three seconds.

As for other news, although Lotus is still ostensibly based in its long-established British Hethel, the Lotus Technology subsidiary broke ground on a new factory in China in August 2022. Lotus explained that it established a department to develop batteries and energy management systems, electric motors, electronic control systems and other electric vehicle components.

invest In wuhan And not in Hethel will definitely cause more eyebrows. This move brings Lotus closer to its parent company and some major investors, such as Weilai, while relocating it from its historic hometown and major markets. Unexpectedly, the company announced that it has many common interests with Weilai, which hopes to become one of the automakers with Chinese solutions. Tesla) And hint that the two brands can explore potential areas of cooperation.

Lotus Technology will open its headquarters in Wuhan, China in 2024, but this is not the only large investment in the region. Lotus is also building a US$1.24 million factory in Wuhan, which is scheduled to open later in 2022. The company pointed out that the above-mentioned “high-end lifestyle” models will all come from Wuhan, and it sounds like they will be sold all over the world.The U.S. did not list it separately in the announcement, but Lotus told Automatic blog By 2020, every New car It will be provided globally in the product plan.

If needed, the plant will be able to produce up to 150,000 cars per year, which is definitely a huge number in the grand plan.For context, Lotus has built approximately 55,000 units Alice, this need with Evora, And this figure represents more than half of the mass-produced cars produced by the company since its establishment in 1948. Obviously, pulling the lotus from the UK and planting it in China is a way to get rid of the niche and seek sales.

England will not be completely excluded. Hethel’s factory will be responsible for the development and manufacture of sports cars, such as Limited Edition Evija And—probably—the 136 we will see in the second half of this century. These are low-volume models; the core cars will all be labeled “Made in China”.

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