The Lotus Eletre configurator is ready. There aren’t as many customization options at your disposal, but the overall experience is a lot of fun. The exterior palette consists of seven colors. Strangely, trying the browsers we may be using, we can’t get the names of the seven colors to appear anywhere. The menu looks like black, green, red, yellow, and three silvers, but clicking on three reveals something metallic silver, flat gray, and rose. The same goes for the interior, which comes in green, black, white or beige. All but black turned out to be a two-tone cabin.

When it comes to the wheels, things are a lot easier. The petal edges are all black or black with polished trim, the center caps are lotus yellow or black, and the calipers are yellow, red, green, black or charcoal.

For those unsure of what the Eletre will look like, the well-stocked animations, beauty and environment sections give you an idea of ​​the styling – it worked for us; the red Eletre in the Metropolitan setting conveyed to us in a way that the yellow debut model didn’t information. However, there are a few caveats. Choose your color in one of the environments; ambient lighting in Beautyshots alters real-life vehicle lighting, for example turning a bright yellow caliper into a dusty gray in one instance. Animations showing features like the aerodynamic shutters in the grille and the active rear spoiler take a few clicks to execute. Again, just like in real life, Eletre only does what you tell it to do. If you have the hatch up in the boot animation and then click on the spoiler or the left front door, the boot stays up. Click on the driver’s door and the hatch open in an urban setting, and you’ll get a clear view of what the Eletre will look like at the end of your shopping, a feature we’ve never seen before in the configurator.

You have your mission and your warning, play now.

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