Lotus has teased the Type 132, which could be the last time the battery-electric crossover makes its debut next Tuesday, March 29. Swing the fence with a special guest star that will help prevent the inevitable discord, as Lotus builds a heavyweight model crossover, Lotus has recruited Gram, son of company founder and legend Colin. Leif Chapman. Clive mentions that Colin owns a practical family car in addition to some orthodox Lotus sports cars, and says he thinks his dad would love the opportunity to design something like the Type 132. Maybe it’s true. However, despite Clive’s references to practicality, towing and farming, and the explosion in popularity of four-wheel-drive vehicles in the 1970s, Colin is never seen in the video. What Colin does best at practicality is the Lotus Eclat, which, even today, is likely to be accepted by everyone as a Lotus version of the family car.

This video does offer a point of unquestionable honesty, which is the silhouette of the Model 132. No doubt it will be sharp and snappy, and we love the look of it.

In addition to the video, more real-world views of the Type 132 were found in another set of patent images.The Australian Patent Office released renderings of the CUV’s exterior earlier this month, exported from Spain carp Landed on internal images of different patent offices. They showed off some expected EV features, such as a flat floor and a two-level center tunnel with a floating console on top. They show us some expected luxury features such as sleek power front sports seats, power rear seats, and full-width climate-controlled vents up front. They show off some unexpected inclusions, like what looks like a giant glove box door, and the rear seat surface may be tossed for comfort – but the closing lines are accurate, and these seats can be folded down to make the most of it loading area. There is said to be a large infotainment screen on the dash when not in use. And note that there may be two cupholders on the center console, one of which may be small.

The slim extension to the exterior view earlier this month wasn’t just conceptual. The door panel in the interior renderings shows a blank square in front of the speaker, what should be a screen showing the feed from the side camera.

If anything, the only thing missing from the drawings is the length of the vehicle, according to spy photos of a Type 132 test in China last month. We only have four days to answer most of our questions, and one of them will now be, even if Colin Chapman wanted to design a crossover, would he want to design this?