Saturday, July 17, 2022

I am still a big fan of this formula and I think they are the best blushes I have tried. Although I mainly use cheap blushes, I have some more expensive blushes from Nars, TheBalm, Lancome and Dior , And compared with those, LOV wins.I have got Three of my favorites This is the fourth one. I have been for a while, but only now I start to comment. These blushes are difficult to obtain, but if you have the chance, they are worth a try.

texture: These are baked blushes and they have the smoothest and creamiest formula I have ever tried. Shades 010 contains tiny shimmer, just like 050 and 060. These three shades have this healthy glow on the cheeks and look great. The pigmentation of shade 010 is just like other great ones and it applies well no matter what brush I use.

shadow: 010 Be the Game Changer is a more realistic pink than 050, but it is still warm. Its swatches are lighter than 050, but they have the same intensity on the face. Both may look too pale on a skin tone darker than mine, but their 060 is darker.

Staying Power: These work very well on the cheeks, I can use them all day long, including a nice gloss, but it also depends on the base underneath it.

package: They are stored in rather bulky packaging with convenient mirrors. They may be smaller because there are 6 grams of product in them, which is 0.5 grams less than the much smaller TheBalm box. They are the biggest blushes I have and they hardly fit my storage space.

Price and availability: The price is 9.99 euros. For a long time, these have been difficult to buy because LOV removed their booth, but Notino started selling this brand, so it can be bought in most parts of Europe. Their official website only ships to Kosmetic4less ships (high freight rates) in Germany and around the world.

I still like these like when I first got them, they are the blushes I wear most often. The formula is so delicate and smooth, their colors are good, I don’t have to think about which brush is suitable for these, and all shades can be worn.

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