The millionaires de Alberto Gamero continues on the path of the undefeated and the leadership of the standings. So far, they have completed nine rounds without defeat and are already preparing for what will be the classic against Independiente Santa Fe. For that reason, Macálister Silva shared the game idea you have in mind.

Although the work of the process of gamer It has been done for some seasons, it has not yet been able to bear the expected fruit: be champions. Under that argument, the fans are a little skeptical about what is being worked on. However, the spark of illusion does not finish extinguishing.

For example, on the last date you played, millionaires managed to win (1-4) against Cortuluá at the 12 de Octubre stadium. In that game, Daniel Ruiz scored the second fastest goal in the history of the team and the idea that they would be champions this season resurfaced.

Macálister Silva knows what he must do to win against Independiente Santa Fe

For his part, the leader and captain of the ‘Ambassador’ team, David Macálister Silva, had no qualms about commenting on the strategy he has in mind. In his words, improving the delivery of the ball can achieve the results expected by all. Among them, the classic against the ‘Cardenal’ team.

«It is necessary to improve the delivery of the ball; Many of the chances of scoring that they generate for us arise from our poor deliveries », he said in conversation with Planeta Fútbol de Antena 2.

In addition to that, Macálister Silva He showed his position as an experienced player and gave a trick so that the delivery can be improved. From his perspective, ball control is very important to achieve that goal. “You must start from the control because it is 60% or 70% of the pass“, he added.

To conclude, the captain praised the work that has been carried out in millionaires. To do this, he made it clear that a title for ‘Ambassador’ means a profit for the FPC. Well, it would be the irrefutable sign that in Colombia the processes can give results.

“A title would be important not only for Millionaires but to demonstrate that in Colombia a process had a prize“, he asserted.

The classic between ‘Cardenales’ and ‘Ambassadors’ will be next Saturday, September 3, starting at 8:15 pm in El Campín.