Franchising rights are on the rise.

The “Madden” franchise model has been under fire in recent years-in recent years-the streamlined management model has aroused the outrage of fans and critics. With Madden Ultimate Team getting a lot of love, attention and resources from EA Sports, the franchise model has been kicked to the side of the road and ignored, Josh Rosen in the game mode.

With EA Sports choosing to spin off the main functions of the franchise model over the years, fans have been calling for another expansion of this long-dormant and neglected model. In “Madden 22”, the developers seem to be taking steps to help alleviate some of the pain and complaints of long-term fans.

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The following is the reviewer’s evaluation of the game mode:

‘Madden 22’ franchise model review

General consensus: The “Madden 22’s” franchise model has been greatly improved compared to its predecessor, adding more RPG-type skill tree elements, adding cutscenes and weekly goals to help improve players, and so on.

The following is what the experts say:

Brian Marquek, Forbes: “It feels good to see the addition of hierarchy in the franchise model. The team now has offensive and defensive coordinators with skill trees. The ability of the coordinators can be felt throughout the roster, and now the experience with the weekly preparation part is even better. Relevant.”

Kate Bailey, IGN: “However, Madden’s franchise model has a long way to go before it can catch up with its competitors. Its salary cap version has little resemblance to the NFL in real life, and it cannot restructure contracts or convert money into bonuses. …… Madden’s franchise model lacks the happy desire fulfillment that the best career model accompanies. Its rigidity exposes Madden’s overall lack of vitality and creativity.”

Mark Delaney, GamesRadar: “It’s exciting that now Franchise will enjoy similar content launches, but even on the first day, Franchise is the best in years. It starts with a new coaching management system. Every Franchise player can directly control their minds Coaches, offensive and defensive coordinators, and player personnel departments. This extends from basic hiring and firing decisions to more interesting skill tree debuts.”

Chris Roling, bleaching report: “It is great to see that Madden listened to the opinions of fans and started to solve problematic areas such as the franchise model. This is a comprehensive reconstruction, and it will take several years of good drafting (cough cough, function increase) to be effective, but the total Better than nothing.”


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