Madden Rugby 22“Here, you may want to gain the advantage of your opponent by using the best team.

If you are an offensive player, that means you want to play the best offensive ability in the game. Although there are many reliable teams, in terms of offense, only one team stands out from other teams. You may have guessed which team it is.

Although not everyone wants to play with the absolute best offense. Some people prefer to play with a team that suits their playing style. For example, if you like to play with mobile quarterbacks, you would choose the Ravens and Lamar Jackson instead of the high-performance Pirates with fixed-moving Tom Brady.

Below, we will list each team according to Madden’s release rating, and then break down the top five.

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The best offense used in Madden 22

this Chief (96), pirate (92) and packing worker (91) is the only team launched by Madden 22 with a total of more than 90 offenses. Two of the Chiefs’ five players have a total score of 99 or higher, and there is another offensive star with a score of 98, which has a big impact on the total score. The Pirates are not that heavy, but there are still many stars that make them more than 90 overall.

The following is a complete list of teams ranked by offensive rating at the time of release.

team Close rating
Kansas City Chiefs 96
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 92
Green Bay Packers 91
Cleveland Browns 89
Dallas Cowboys 88
Tennessee Titans 87
Buffalo Bills 86
Seattle Seahawks 85
Baltimore Ravens 84
Arizona Cardinals 83
Los Angeles Chargers 82
Las Vegas Raiders 82
Los Angeles Rams 81
New Orleans Saints 80
San Francisco 49ers 80
Atlanta Falcons 79
New England Patriots 78
Houston Texans 78
Minnesota Vikings 77
Washington football team 76
Jacksonville Jaguars 76
Indianapolis Colts 75
Detroit Lions 75
Pittsburgh Steelers 74
Cincinnati Bengals 74
Chicago Bears 73
Philadelphia Eagles 73
Denver Broncos 72
New York Giants 72
Carolina Panthers 71
Miami Dolphins 70
New York Jet 69

Top 5 crimes in Madden 22

Kansas City Chiefs-96

Because of this offensive dominance, the Chiefs are one of the most used teams in online games. Kansas City has almost three places in the three powerful trio of Patrick Mahomes (99 years old), Travis Kelsey (99 years old) and Tyreke Hill (98 years old). Year old player. The combination of Mahomes’ arm strength (97 THP) and Hill’s speed (99 SPD) is sometimes almost unfair.

For those who played against the Chiefs, it was even worse that Kansas City also had Mecole Hardman (97 SPD), who ranked third in the game.

The top offensive player outside the main trio is running back Clyde Edwards-Helaire, who has an overall rating of 84. Only two other players are ranked in the top 80 in the Chiefs’ offense. They are left back Joe Tunney (84 OVR) and left tackle Orlando Brown Jr. (82 OVR).

Tampa Bay Buccaneers-92

Tom Brady leads with a combined score of 97 points. Although the Buccaneers do not have as strong a trio of players as the Chiefs, they have more players with an overall rating of over 80. Brady has many weapons to throw, including Mike Evans (91 points), Chris Godwin (87 points), Antonio Brown (86 points) and Rob Gronkowski (86 points) ). In addition, Tampa Bay has three outstanding running backs, Ronald Jones (81), Leonard Fournette (78) and Giovani Bernard (77).

The Pirates also have some strong offensive line help, as well as Ali Marpet (90 OVR), Ryan Jensen (89 OVR) and Tristan Wirfs (89 OVR). Overall, the Pirates have 10 players with a total score of 80 or higher, while the Chiefs have only 6.

Green Bay Packers-91

The Packers were one of the most used teams in online games last year because of their strong combination of Aaron Rogers (96 OVR) and Davant Adams (99 OVR). Green Bay also has a better rushing game than the Chiefs or Buccaneers. Aaron Jones has a total score of 91. The Packers eventually became a popular team because they have a good middle ground that makes the Chiefs and Buccaneers attractive. The Chiefs’ offense is top-notch, but Kansas City’s defense scored 78. The Pirates have strong offense and defense, but many users don’t like Brady’s slow game. Although Rogers is not the fastest quarterback, he at least has some mobility to move in his pocket.

The Packers’ offense is somewhat similar to that of the Chiefs because of its top-heavy trio. Although the Packers have a strong running back, not a strong close end.

Cleveland Browns-89

If you pay more attention to running, the Browns are a great team. Although the Browns did have some good passing options in Odell Beckham Jr. (89 OVR), Jarvis Landry (84 OVR) and Austin Hooper (86 OVR), they did compete with Nick Chubb (96 OVR) and Kareem Hunt ( 87 OVR) shine together. In addition, four of their five offensive linebackers have a total score of 80 or higher, and the fifth place has a total score of 79, which is beyond that range.

At least compared with the Chiefs, Buccaneers and Packers, the weak point is quarterback Baker Mayfield, who has a total of 84 points. He is not scary, but he does not provide elite mobility or elite passing, so if you want to be a heavy pass user, it is difficult to identify him.

Dallas Cowboys-88

The Cowboys are somewhat similar to the Buccaneers because they have a lot of talent. Dallas has one of the best offensive lines in the game. Three of the five starters have a total of 98 points, a total of 91 points, and a total of 87 points. Dallas has a strong catching trio in Amari Cooper (92 games scored), Michael Gallup (82 games scored) and Sidi Lamb (81 games scored).

Dak Prescott’s overall score is 87, although his 82 speed feels a bit low. Also in the 1980s, running back Ezekiel Elliott (88 OVR). Even the backup running back Tony Pollard (77 OVR) is attractive because of his 93 speed rating. The Cowboys offense is very strong, but one thing that might scare people off Dallas is their team’s defensive rating of 76, which is the lowest of the top five offensive teams.

Other matters needing attention

The Titans’ offense ranks outside the top five with 87 points. In a sense, they are somewhat similar to the Cowboys because they have a lot of talent, especially their starting RB-WR-WR unit featuring Derek Henry, Julio Jones and AJ Brown. Ryan Tannehill’s 87 overall score is indeed the most important.

At the bottom are the Ravens and Cardinals (9th and 10th). Although their overall results are lower than some elite teams, I think these two teams have performed more than the other top 10 teams. For the Ravens, Lamar Jackson’s 96 speed is too strong, you hardly need any other offensive players. But Baltimore also has Marquise Brown (97 SPD).

For similar reasons, the Cardinals are interesting. Although Kyler Murray is slower (91 SPD), he is still the second fastest quarterback in the game and has better weapons. Arizona features DeAndre Hopkins (98 OVR), as well as a large number of speeders in Rico Gafford (96 SPD), Andy Isabella (95 SPD) and Rondale Moore (94 SPD). If you think speed is the only important factor in Madden, then the Cardinals are your best choice.


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