MaidSafe is already a pretty old project, the start was even made before Bitcoin even existed, in 2006. The idea behind MaidSafe is to create a fully peer to peer network that works similar to the TOR network in order to create a fully decentralized internet. to make.

In this article we look at MaidSafe, the MAID coin and the MaidSafeCoin forecast. We hope this gives you a better idea of ​​the potential of the project and its future value. What is the MaidSafeCoin crypto going to do?

What is MaidSafe?

MaidSafe is a project that focuses on developing a decentralized internet. Billions of personal data are stolen every year and this is because companies manage it for us.

By building a decentralized network that works similar to the TOR network, MaidSafe wants to prevent large companies from becoming ‘the owner’ of the internet. In fact, the Internet is nothing but a very large amount of servers that companies can own.

Large companies such as Amazon, Microsoft and Google build the infrastructure for the internet and therefore own a large part of this internet. Anyone can still put things on it themselves, but the actual servers belong to companies.

The MaidSafe network becomes a network that runs on the computing power of the users themselves. No large buildings full of servers that keep things running, but the excess computing power of the participating computers. This makes the internet completely peer to peer again, from user to user, just like you can also download movies with torrents.

Wat is MaidSafecoin?

MaidSafecoin is the currency on this decentralized network. To access files on this network, you do not request this from servers, but these files are stored on the computers of the participants.

As soon as someone requests a file, the computer that can deliver these files first will receive a reward in the form of MAID tokens. This process is also known as Proof of Resource.

It’s practically the same as the way torrents work. A movie is stored on many different computers and as soon as someone wants to download the movie, parts of that movie are retrieved from all these computers. It is therefore not possible to exclude a single computer from the network in order to prevent ‘illegal downloading’.

The file will then simply be retrieved from another computer. Central servers can be physically closed, but this is not possible with a peer to peer network.

What does the MaidSafeCoin rate do?

The first listing of MaidSafeCoin can be found in 2014. At that time, approximately 7 million dollars were raised. A relatively low amount for today’s standard, but at the time it was big news. Investors could buy the token in the crowd sale for thirty days. The price for that was $0.017. The MaidSafeCoin price is now at a value of $ 0.265932.

The course of the course leaves little to the imagination. We can clearly see that the price moves sideways until the bull market breaks out. At that time, the price in the bull markets always shot up by a significant factor and then fell again.

The All Time High of the token is at a value of $ 1.37 (April 12, 2021). That was 508 days ago. Seven million was the market cap when the project started after the token sale. The project now has a total value of $ 76,302,113 which puts it in place 317 of the largest crypto projects.

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What is the MaidSafeCoin forecast 2022 – 2027?

With the increasing concerns about the centralization of the internet and the data leaks of large companies, it is clear that there is a need for a network such as the Safe network. In theory, it could be a good solution to internet censorship. Especially people in countries where censorship is a big problem like China, this can provide much more freedom of expression.

The MaidSafecoin price forecast is therefore positive. The only question is whether MaidSafe manages to connect enough users to the network. It is one of the first projects to focus on this use case, but certainly not the last. The competition is therefore great.

Unfortunately, no one can tell you for sure what the price will do in the future. If we include the MaidSafeCoin forecast for 2022, that is too short a day anyway. In particular, the state of the general crypto market influences the price as we have seen in the previous bull markets.

If we look further ahead at the MaidSafeCoin forecast for 2027, the same applies. However, the period of five is a lot more favourable. This gives the team time to make real developments that are needed. If it catches on, the price may (temporarily) rise by a considerable factor.

Where to buy MaidSafecoin?

MaidSafecoin is not available on Dutch exchanges. Have you made the choice that you would like to join the network or just add some MAID to your portfolio? Then you can go to the Bittrex exchange.

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The latest MaidSafeCoin news

Hopefully you have learned something from this article and you know a little better which factors can influence the MaidSafeCoin expectation that you should set up for your investment. The last factor still missing from this page is the MaidSafeCoin news. By following this you immediately know which course the project will take and how active the team is still.