Denver-On the most important day of his baseball career, Henry Davis had to do more work before he heard his name was called in the Major League Baseball Draft.

He must keep a secret.

A few minutes after 5 pm local time, on the stage of the Belko Theater, Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred waited for the boos to subside and announced that the Pirates would use Davis as the 2021 Major League Baseball The first overall pick in the draft. The draft picks are not amazing, but at least a bit surprising.

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As everyone knows, Louisvilleā€™s star catcher is in a 1-1 general conversation, but Most mock drafts lead to incidents Let the pirates prepare shortstop Marcelo Mayer. Davis is most often in the range of 3 to 5.

However, Davis was not surprised to hear his name.

“I found out about an hour ago,” he confessed to a few reporters backstage with a smile.

Keeping such a secret doesn’t seem to be a big issue, unless you consider how many people Davis interacted with in that hour. The atmosphere near the stage before the broadcast can be said to be pleasant.he Interviewed by MLB Network. He shook hands and chatted at that hour. Everyone is chatting, everyone is smiling. He is far from being isolated.

But Davis kept his secret, and his agent shared the nugget with him. Finally, he did tell his family.

“When I got a double-double, it was 100% (confirmed),” he said. “Just seeing the emotions on their faces is very special. If there were no people in that row, I wouldn’t be here.”

And, yes, when can they share this emotion without the burden of confidentiality? Even better. In fact, all Davis really needs to do is not to provide information, because the small chat with all these people is just this: small chat.

No one asked him if he knew where he would be taken.

“I don’t know if it’s just that they are very respectful and know a lot of things have happened,” Davis said. “But the people around me are great. I can’t repeat it.”

And now, he is the first overall pick. The pirate general manager Ben Cherington officially welcomed him over the phone.

“You set a goal. You wanted to be 1-1 when you were a kid,” Davis said. “You have dreamed of such a moment since you were a child. A lot of effort has been put in. A lot of people have made contributions.”

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The circle of people around Davis has just expanded in Pittsburgh.

“This is great. I just told him that in 2004, I was the 11th overall pick by the Pirates in 2004, so I know some emotions he is going through,” former Pirates star Neil Walker was there as Pittsburgh’s team draft representative told Sports News. “But obviously he is the first overall pick. We don’t have such a thing.”

It turns out that Walker played two roles there. He is the representative of the pirates, he is Jon Snow of Pittsburgh.

“I don’t know anything,” he said with a smile. “I don’t think they trust me to put it near the vest. I do know that some people are considered, just like others, but I sit there and wait. I don’t know anything!

“It’s exciting. As someone who grew up in Pittsburgh and lives in the area, I think this kind of person can really be our generation of players.”


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