On Sunday afternoon, Josh Naylor suffered a terrible injury while on duty for Cleveland.

He collided with second baseman Ernie Clement at full speed as both tried to play on the right side of the ball from the twins Jorge Polanko. Naylor soared into the air, and when he landed, his right leg fell awkwardly, his right leg bent under him. After the injury, he writhed painfully on the ground.

This is a video of the show. (Warning: Graphic images are included.)

The medical staff put Neele’s leg in a cast and then lifted him off the field.

Cleveland coach Terry Francona told reporters after the game (According to Zack Meisel of The Athletic) Neller fractured and is being evaluated in the hospital. Francona added that the team is not sure whether Neller can travel with the team from Minneapolis to Cleveland.

The 24-year-old Naylor played 69 games for Cleveland this season, hitting 0.253/.301/.399 slashes and seven home runs.

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MLB Twitter sent his best wishes to Naylor after he left the game. This includes support information from Cleveland and the twins.


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