The Malaysian Automobile Association (MAA) announced the July 2022 car sales date and announced earlier today that a total of 7,086 cars were delivered last month.This is an increase of 5,165 from 1,921 June, Which means the volume has increased by 269%.

Last month’s total is also 51,792 units (or 88%) down from 58,878 units in the corresponding month of 2020. Nevertheless, the total for the year-to-date 2022 is still higher than last year, and the 256,215 units managed so far in the 7 months of this year are 23,792 units (or 10.2%) more than the recorded 232,423 units in the same period last year.

If there is no showroom activity in the country in June Nationwide blockade, But this was not the case in July-although the showrooms in the peninsula were still closed last month, the showrooms in Sabah and Sarawak were allowed to operate in the second phase of the National Rehabilitation Plan (NRP), which significantly increased the number to six moon. The association added that the sales through online registration are very small.

It stated that the sales figures for this month will be higher than July because Announcing economic relaxation The government targets states that are still in the first phase of the NRP, including Selangor and Kuala Lumpur. As of today, August 16, the services and companies that have been approved to resume operations include car showrooms, which can be reopened to customers who have been vaccinated.

Considering that half a month has passed, this number will not be very large, but this is a step in the right direction. The troubled auto industryAutomobile production can now resume operations at all stages of the NRP, but the operational capacity is limited by the vaccination rate of employees.

In any case, just like a big machine, all the gears need time to be in place, so whether the supply can keep up with the demand to complete the order-and meet SST exemption on December 31 Deadline-it remains to be seen. The game went well.

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