Manny Pacquiao will challenge Jordanis Ugas to participate in the WBA (Super) Welterweight Championship at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas on August 21.

When Pacquiao’s original opponent WBC and IBF champion Errol Spence Jr. were forced to withdraw from the game due to an eye injury, the two were paired. Ugas was ready to participate in the joint main game, but his opponent was also injured and was removed from the card. Since both sides needed opponents in a short time, they turned to each other because Pacquiao wanted to become a world champion again, and Ugas ended in the biggest battle of his career.

This is not an ideal situation for any fighter, but the performance must continue. Because of this, the betting line offers a lot of conspiracy.

Sports news provides current odds and provides some insights on how to bet on Pacquiao-Ugas.

Pacquiao and Urgas odds

  • Manny Pacquiao: -430
  • Yodenis Ugas: +300
  • Draw: +2000

Pacquiao vs. Urgas Props Betting

  • (T) Pacquiao of KO: +165
  • Pacquiao decides: +120
  • Ugas (T) KO: +1200
  • Ugas’ decision: +420

Pacquiao vs. Urgas Prediction

As a 42-year-old player, Manny Pacquiao became such an important and popular candidate in a short game two years after leaving the sport. Although he looked sensational in his last three games with Keith Thurman, Adrian Broner and Lucas Matisse, the betting line does not respect Ugas because he is a A smart boxer with an excellent amateur background. Pacquiao’s popularity may be much higher, but becoming -430 is simply too popular to find any comforting bets. Especially when Pacquiao is about to end the longest suspension of his boxing career, because he is four months away from the age of 43.

There are many things to deal with.

At the same time, due to his style and Pacquiao’s forced to change his training camp to face a tricky orthodox fighter instead of the star world champion he will face at Spencer, Ugas was a terrible failure. People. It is also worth noting that Pacquiao may have to mentally overcome his position from weak to hot. Is it possible that Pacquiao underestimated his opponent to some extent? Obviously, it is necessary to prepare for a unique fighter like Pacquiao in such a short period of time, and the same is true for Ugas. But Ugas will not be disappointed, because this is undoubtedly the biggest game of his career. He knew he would not fight under normal circumstances.

Urgas (26 wins and 4 losses) is best known for his match against Sean Porter in 2019. Many people thought that Urgas had won this game, but ultimately failed to make a split decision. He is not known for knocking out artists, but his style is complicated for opponents, and since Ugas can well offset the offense of anyone competing with him, referees often fight with their scorecards. . At first glance, Urgas’ decision to +420 is simply too tempting. If the fight goes far and we end up with some weird scorecards, we can’t give up. It can definitely happen.

But this is Manny Pacquiao we are talking about.

He has been against Jeff Horne and Timothy Bradley twice before by the judges, but both have a complete training camp to prepare him. Regardless of the age of the Filipino legend, it is impossible for Urgas to find someone who can approach Pacquiao’s unique style and speed. Like most recent opponents, Pacquiao will defeat Urgas early with his speed and strength as Cuban tries to adjust. By the time he does this, he may be too far behind on the scorecard to dig himself out. Keith Thurman almost did this, but the early knockouts and the long adjustment period were difficult to overcome and led to the failure of the split decision. Ugas is not as good as Thurman. If he doesn’t know how to grasp Pacquiao’s progress, he is doomed to lose a decision.

Pacquiao’s knockout round sounds good in theory, +160, but the first and only eighth world champion in boxing was completed once in ten years. Ugas has never been eliminated, and it is unlikely to happen here. But for Pacquiao, a decisive victory of +120 is the best and safest bet.

Sports News Forecast: Manny Pacquiao decides (+120)

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