About ten years ago, it was reported that a legendary nightclub might return to Cambridge, and now we know that this seems to happen finally.

According to one article Beginning on Cambridge Day, ManRay plans to open the old ImprovBoston Comedy Club space on Prospect Street in the central square, which is currently under construction-this week the business received a pouring permit. The post said that if everything goes according to plan, ManRay may make its debut in mid-October.

As early as 2013, we mentioned here that ManRay is paying attention to the old Blockbuster space on Massachusetts Avenue, and the new version of the club will be much smaller than the original, while providing food and drinks, although these plans eventually fell. . The club first opened in 1985 and is an “underground” venue featuring Gothic and New Wave bands. (It closed in the summer of 2005.)

The address of the upcoming ManRay is 40 Prospect Street, Cambridge, MA, 02139.

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Man Ray hopes to return to Cambridge


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