I think this will be the “only” for some time. It is like Healthy Mix, one of my favorite foundations, with SPF, a shade that matches me and high-quality ingredients. I really don’t want to get more from the foundation/BB. It looks natural on the skin and has moderate buildable coverage. The only thing I might complain about is the inconsistent finish on my skin, but this may be “my skin problem”. Sometimes it becomes more shiny during the day, but not greasy (I mean no powder, because I don’t always use it), and then sometimes it is satin. I don’t know the connection, because I use the same skin care products every morning, but it’s not a big deal. I still like this very much. It makes me look fresh. It contains arbutin, nicotinamide, adenosine, rosehip oil, jojoba oil, ceramide, hyaluronic acid, peptides, collagen, amino acids and several extracts.

Before I bought Missha, I dusted off the bottle of dust that had been neglected for a while (I talked about my annoying habit of keeping good things while using less good collections). It is just one of the best formulas for my skin. It is natural, fresh and medium coverage, which is more than enough for me. My skin is very dry, so obviously I like this formula that doesn’t look matte. I recently saw that we got 50 and 50,5 shades in DM, which is really great. I currently have a shade of 50, which is not a perfect match, and after sampling both, I think 50,5 might be more suitable for me.

This formula left a deep impression on me.It is similar to Colourpop Lippie Sticks Matte X Lipstick, this is one of my favorites, although Colourpop still has an advantage. The Ultra Fix formula is very lightweight and you will leave this matte, transfer-resistant color, whether it is during application or after drying (which happens within a few minutes), and it feels like nothing on the lips. However, it is so silky when applied and can slide easily. Only Colourpop Matte X is like this, but it is a bit thick when applied, and Oriflame does not match Colourpop in terms of pigmentation. It lasts very well and this color is very durable. good stuff.

BEE NATURAL 100% natural lip balm

When I was looking for an easy-to-obtain lip balm recently, I recommended this to me. It is a brand sold by my local Müller and I like it very much. It is similar to my favorite Palmer’s because it is soft, but not too much, without that waxy feeling. It glides well on the lips, instantly nourishes and lasts for a long time. The fragrance is not the best mango, so when I repurchase it, I might get coconut vanilla.

ESSENCE Lip Care Booster Lip Balm

This is an unexpected gem in the new Essence product, much better than the coconut lip care series I tried CatrisIt is a thick lip balm that sticks to the lips very well, feels very nourishing, and smells amazing like coconut sugar. Let us hope that Essence will keep it for a while, but we all know Essence.

PALMER’S Cocoa Butter Formula Rotating Bar

I put it in my last favorites and now I put it here again because this is still the best lip balm I have ever tried. I like this thing. I like it better than Palmer’s lip balm.

AFRODITA Lavender Relaxing Moment Oily Body Wash

I like the scent of lavender, but some are really good beauty products. This one is so relaxing and closer to the real thing than many such fragrances. It is this extra citrus that makes the situation better. The shower gel itself is nothing special, I use it very quickly, but I have already bought another bottle.

EVELINE COSMETICS Super Soft BioArgan Manuka Oil Face and Body Cream

This is not the usual thick body butter formula I like, but it still convinces me. I like the fragrance of L’Occitane Almond Moisturizer, the texture is rich enough for me. I also like that it contains hyaluronic acid, ceramide and cholesterol, which are not common in body products, especially those you can buy at local pharmacies.

PALMER’S Cocoa Butter Formula Moisturizing Hair Oil

I think this is a major discovery, but I don’t want to make a fuss because I have a lot of regular oils, they may be very suitable for daily use, but they end up too much, I only use them a few days before washing at the end. It’s like a dry oil, think about Nuxe, but when it comes to my hair, I prefer this oil. It is not super greasy, in fact, compared to most oils, it absorbs very quickly on the skin, and it uses a spray form to make it easier to distribute and more evenly, and it does not make my hair look too much when I apply it. Greasy, but the best part is the next day, my hair looks good, as if I did not use normal oil, but instead used silicone oil. So it’s not like the pre-wash treatment I expected, but I think I will like its daily use. So far, I really like it, but we will see long-term. In any case, it is great for very dry ends and repaired strands, and it can immediately repair them and smooth them. The scent is great, because it smells like chocolate and mint, so after eight o’clock, the scent lingers.

JOHN FRIEDA Frizz Ease 3 Day Straight

The first thing I want to say is that this is not a miracle worker who turns my hair into a waterfall of silky straight hair, but it helps, and it is very useful for my super frizzy hair.It is somewhat similar to the more expensive combination Moroccanoil Smooth Blow-Dry Concentrate & L’Oreal Professional Liss Unlimited Smoothing CreamHowever, that one is still better for my hair purely because it has some nourishing power, and this is just a very light alcohol-based liquid that contains polymers and keratin, which helps the hair to stay upright. In fact, I am more impressed with the effect of maintaining the hair, not the effect of drying my hair. In the latter, it does not always blow out very smoothly, so I still need to put my hair in a bun after the hair is still warm and cool, and then I have a smooth result, but it is straighter and smoother than nothing , It will last for a few days, if I don’t use a hair straightener, this will not happen to my hair. So far, I have only used a hair dryer. Although the instructions also say to use a hair straightener, I found that blow drying has brought me very good results. Since it is very light and contains alcohol, I need to make sure to use a nourishing leave-in lotion under it, otherwise my hair will feel dry quickly.
Note: I forgot to add Frizz Soothing Super Essence, I used it for the first time yesterday without 3 days, and I also got a very smooth blowout (with the brush below). So both are impressive, but the serum is much heavier and is only suitable for thick hair.

Hair dryer brush from AliExpress (Revlon One Step Styler dupe)

I started to like it more than when I got it, and it’s likely that Frizz Ease made this work more effective. I wanted the original version, but when I bought this, it was impossible for Revlon to enter Slovenia. I checked everywhere, so I risked being cheated. It was a bit unstable in terms of setup, but it was surprisingly good in other aspects. Nevertheless, if I knew at the time that Revlon would enter DM within a year, I would wait. I can’t dry it smoothly with my old Remington hair dryer and round brush, but I can. This is a very good result. It is almost comparable to a hair straightener, and it is simpler and faster. You only need to comb your hair slowly because it is too big and you can work with a large chuck. However, you still need to dry your hair with a normal hair dryer first, because this brush cannot be dried near the scalp. John Frida and this dryer are currently working out for me.

U hairpin

I don’t know how to call it, but it is shaped like a U, so this is your name. I often wear a bun, several times a day, because my style has changed a lot. Ordinary hairpins start to clamp, and they always fall off or loose (even the super long hairpins I am looking for), the hairbands/hairbands are roughly the same, so it is not super for me and my people The comfortable option has a heavier volume. I have several different new pins/ties for my hair to test, and shockingly, this little thing that doesn’t seem to hold anything is the winner. It just set up, I only need one, which is too unexpected. This is such a simple concept, it is more comfortable than ordinary hairpins.I bought plastic ones, a pack of three, and they worked well until I used the horrible one Lan Hamidchen Mask, which made my hair thick and stiff, and when I tried to push them in, they broke. I managed to break two in 20 seconds, well done Langhaarmädchen, you are really bad (after my hair is still bad). In fact, they can even work in two parts.I ordered more of these and got Metallic This time (Müller also sells plastic).
EVELINE COSMETICS Unicorn Magic Drops -The ingredient list caught my attention because it has a high niacinamide content in the list.It thinks it is similar to Resume pink halo Serum, although they are different in composition, because CV is a vitamin C product.

ZOYA Darling 2021 Spring Nail Collection Kayleigh or ANNY Pastel Paradise Collection Lilac Zone -I saw Zoya shot on IG, and I immediately liked the look of it. Although we have this brand here, it is not in my local Müller. After we visited each stall of the two pharmacies, I only found a similar ANNY shade. It also comes from the current LE, like Zoya’s nail colors are expensive (over 10 Euros). I am a little surprised that the pharmacies here do not have similar cheap shades.

MOLASH Eyelash Serum —— Petra from adjusting beauty Praising this, I believe her.It is different from Evelyn I currently have one, you apply it like mascara, I think it is more likely to just strengthen the eyelashes, while Molash applies like an eyeliner, so on the root.

SCHWARZKOPF GLISS KUR hair repair 7 seconds quick repair-Kur -Schwarzkopf didn’t try to blackmail L’Oreal at all, it was 8 Second Wonder Water (if you didn’t catch it, it would be ironic). In terms of ingredients, they are similar at the beginning of the list, but this doesn’t seem to matter to me (in terms of beneficial ingredients for hair), but the rest of the list is different. I still have a nagging suspicion that Gliss will be here (first or not at all), so I will try it when it gets here. It is already in Austria and I think I have seen the Slovenian version of the site, but as of Monday, I have not seen it in the pharmacy.

ANDALOU Pumpkin Honey Alcohol Mask -It is difficult for me to find acid products that affect my skin. So far, it’s just an expensive Ecoooking mask, and then I remembered that I had this sample a long time ago, and it worked for me. Maybe it’s time to get a pot.


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