Today in “Are you talking to me?”: Pirates first baseman John Nogowski spoke to him in Pittsburgh on Friday by accusing Mets pitcher Marcus Stroman, um, to help clear the bench.

Nogowski just faced New York first baseman Pete Alonso to end the fifth inning. Stromman was very excited about getting out of the predicament. When he started walking towards the air-raid shelter, he yelled to the ground. Maybe Nogowski thought that Ströman was yelling at him to make him show up, or that he was in dignity.

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The blasphemy followed. Fortunately, as SNY’s Gary Thorne pointed out, both of them made it very clear during the replay exchange, which could help lip readers.

Nogowski said to Stroman: “Damn it. Yes, continue to say–.”

Stroman said to Nogowski, “No one is talking to you. Who is talking to you?”

Stromman finally walked to Nogowski’s side, and the Mets receiver James McCann made the two not have to be in physical contact. As the air-raid shelter emptied, the scene was tense for a few seconds, but everything was over before the bullpen arrived.

This incident is not entirely ridiculous, because someone stepped on Strowman’s toe after the bench was empty. Stromman seemed to avoid injury, but after recording it, he had finished the night.

Then Stromman flew at Nogowski from the air-raid shelter at the top of the sixth inning. He said in a Zoom phone call after the game that he saddened Nogowski for avoiding the fight.

“He’s just a clown,” Stroman said with a smile (Video from Steve Gelbs of SNY). “(Metropolitan Rescue Team) Drew Smith told me that he was a clown. He was a clown. He knew I was not talking to him. You can watch the video: I looked down at our air-raid shelter, literally lowered my head, and started Walking to the air-raid shelter, he started to open his mouth.”

“I will never let anyone underestimate me, no one. I am not afraid of anyone,” Stroman added.

For example, Nogowski is not very open to what happens.

“Man, these are just two competitive guys,” he said with a smile (Video from SNY). “I mean, that was the biggest place in the game. Before that, my batting ability was very good, and I hit the ball very well. They made me play flawlessly, and he was fired for his team. . You know, you have two competitive guys, the stands are full, you know, sometimes it’s a bit hot, but shooting, that’s why we like it.”

(Announced attendance at PNC Park: 18,119, which is less than full.)

On June 1, Stroman had a similar incident with Josh Rojas of the Diamondbacks. The two have something to say after they go out. Rojas later said that he was trying to inspire his team, which ended a 17-game losing streak a few days ago. It must have worked, because the last D-backs won that night.

Now the last pirate has a W after this exchange. They can talk about it before Saturday’s game.


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