MIT Technology ReviewIt was announced today that senior technical editor Mat Honan has been hired as the new editor-in-chief. Honan joined from BuzzFeed News, where he and his team published influential and influential news, raised important questions, attracted attention, and won multiple awards, including the 2022 Pulitzer Prize.

In his new role, Honan will provide leadership, creative vision and editorial guidance for the entire MIT Technology Review product portfolio, including websites, podcasts, newsletters and print magazines, as well as new platforms and formats under development.

“In the past few years, MIT Technology Review has transformed into a multi-platform, digital-first media company that reports on the most important technology stories of our time. The next stage of our development is through our first-class, authoritative News reports to attract more audiences,” said Elizabeth Bramson-Boudreau, CEO and publisher of MIT Technology Review. “Mat brings a rare combination of vision, energy, and digital media expertise to this important role. I am very happy to be able to shape the future of MIT Technology Review with him.”

“I am very happy to have the opportunity to lead such a group of talented reporters,” Honan said. “MIT Technology Review is at the center of many pressing issues. People are very much needed and eager to understand the way new technologies, cutting-edge science, climate crisis, and ongoing pandemics are changing society. We will tell powerful stories to help people To understand, think and change the world we live in. This is a very good opportunity and I am very happy to start.”

Honan started participating in the “MIT Technology Review” on August 17.

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