Spielberg, Austria-Champion of Formula One Championship Max Verstappen Ruled the Styrians Grand prize On Sunday, he won back-to-back matches for the first time in his career.

Starting from the pole cleanly, Red Bull Driver refused Lewis Hamilton In the early offense, he maintained the lead throughout the game and defeated his Mercedes The opponent exceeds 35 seconds.

Hamilton’s teammate Valtteri Bottas finished third ahead of Sergio Perez, with Red Bull and Mercedes occupying the top four for the second time in a row.

“The car is on fire,” Verstappen said over the team radio after crossing the finish line.

Verstappen won Hamilton’s tenths of a point in most laps, and has led Hamilton by more than 3 seconds after 10 laps.

“I immediately felt well balanced in the car,” he said. “Basically, we managed the tyres well from the beginning. We just kept going and tried to reach our lap time and it worked very well today.”

This is the 14th victory of Verstappen’s career and the 4th victory of the season. After eight races, his lead over the seven-time world champion in the drivers’ standings has expanded to 18 points. A win in a game is worth 25 points.

Without a chance to surpass Verstappen, Hamilton pitted again on the penultimate lap and successfully surpassed the fastest lap Perez maintained at the time, although the gap with Verstappen widened to more than half a minute. But he earned him extra points.

“Really, it was a somewhat lonely game. I tried to keep up with those guys, but their speed… They obviously made some major improvements in the past few games,” Hamilton said. “It’s impossible not to keep up. I don’t know where we lost during this time.”

Losing 0.25 seconds on Verstappen on the straights left Hamilton with little choice. He pushed and reduced the deficit in some laps, but then had to be more cautious on other laps to protect his tires from overheating.

Playing on the home circuit in the Austrian Alps, Red Bull extended its winning streak to four games, and Hamilton waited for his 99th career victory in seven weeks.

The last time Hamilton did not win four consecutive games was more than three years ago, spanning the last three games of 2017 and the first three games of next season.

Red Bull wasted Perez’s slow pit stop with a score of 1-3, which lasted for nearly 5 seconds due to a problem with the left rear tire.

If Bottas leaves the team, Williams driver George Russell will be a candidate for Mercedes in 2022, but due to power plant problems, he has to retire after two-thirds of the race.

The Austrian Grand Prix on the same track is scheduled for next Sunday.

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