MaxTag has introduced a new USB powered SmartTAG device called MaxTag PSE. Currently available at their Shopee Mall store.

Instead of using a 9V battery, it is powered by a USB cable. Having their SmartTAG devices powered by USB can be a useful feature for people who don’t want to bother replacing the 9V batteries and making sure they are properly seated in the battery compartment.

Currently, SmartTAG users can power their devices with a USB cable via the 9V battery terminal to 5V USB converter cable, but if you don’t already have a SmartTAG device, the new MaxTag PSE offers a cleaner solution.

Of course, this approach means that there is a cable in the way, which some may not like. Another way is to use a USB rechargeable 9V battery instead of a regular 9V battery.

If you are interested in getting any of the above devices, you can head to any of the links below.

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