This mascara has a lot of bad reviews on Maybelline’s website. It is not the most popular among their mascaras, but I have not heard any criticism once, and I got it anyway. This is an instant blow to me. The waterproof version is always not available in the drugstore here, so I bought mine online, but we have the regular version in peach packaging.

This is another mascara that can lift my eyelashes. This is the most important thing for me. It’s with my other favorites (Revlon Volumazing wp, L’Oreal Paradise Extatic wp, Essence I <3 Extreme), but this mascara is the lightest. It’s also good for spreading the eyelashes when it’s new, and then it’s a little clumped next month, but now it’s the same as when it’s new, so I don’t know what it is, but most of the results are good, plus eyelashes Stay elastic and still soft enough. The formula looks a bit rubbery at the tip of the brush where it gathers, but when it is on the eyelashes it is not a weird formula and it is no problem. It increases the length, but it is not as plump as Revlon’s mascara. However, due to the dry formula, all waterproof mascaras cannot be compared with conventional formulas. It is enough for me.

The brush is very standard. I didn’t expect it to have a good definition, but if I didn’t take the lead in the third coat (I have never done it), it would do well.

I am a fan of this and I am glad that despite the bad reviews, I still seized the opportunity. It is not super plump, but it creates a nice effect and keeps my eyelashes. The regular price of Look Fantastic is £8.99, but Maybelline often offers discounts.


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