The Irish boxer suffered another crushing defeat to the Americans in the duel in Las Vegas and was seriously injured.

Conor McGregor was defeated again by Dustin Poirier at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. He broke his leg and the game ended in the first round. When he was stopped by the doctor.

This was the end of the anti-climax of the dynamic round of the fight on Saturday, as the two boxers were still trying to land. McGregor stumbled backward, pressed his foot on himself and broke his leg.

The medical staff were immediately summoned to the octagonal field. It was obvious that McGregor could not continue, prompting referee Heberdian to announce the suspension of the game under the doctor’s instructions.

During the octagonal interview, his leg was fixed in a plaster, and McGregor was furious at his misfortune.

“I hit him on the head with my fist, kicked him in the leg, [he was doing] As usual, the dive narrowed the distance. It’s not over yet-if I have to take it outside, it’s outside,” he yelled.

When McGregor is unable to continue, the game stops after the bell rings in the first round [Stacy Revere/Getty]

Following McGregor’s victory in the lightweight competition in 2014, and Poriye’s victory in the lightweight competition in Abu Dhabi in January, the preparations for the third game were beaten by blood between the two. Suddenly, in stark contrast to the confrontation earlier this year, when the two complimented each other.

Although the American Poirier was fighting at home, James Brown was booed by a considerable crowd supporting McGregor when he entered The Boss, and there was no friendly glove contact before the battle began.

McGregor came out very quickly, switching between high and low kicks, dancing in and out of range, because both fighters maintained a violent pace.

When the fight entered the mat, the Irish boxer tried the guillotine suffocation, and Poirier was in the highest position. When he escaped the suffocation, he thundered his fists and elbows at McGregor.

Although McGregor hit back, Boyle looked ready to end the game, and then suddenly interrupted the attack in the last few seconds of the bout, complaining to the referee Dean that the Irishman was grabbing his gloves.

When McGregor waved and tried to back up, his footwork disappointed him and broke his leg.

“He interrupted it during a check at the start of the game, he interrupted it with a punch, of course… I felt something, he was kicking me hard,” Poirier said in a post-match interview.

The doctor’s suspension is considered a victory for Poirier and a recorded defeat for McGregor, which is his third defeat in the last four UFC games.


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