Many people think that cryptocurrencies mainly target the economic sector of the world. Cryptos are made for banks, traders, investors and artists. But suitable crypto systems are also being designed for other market sectors. After all, only if there is a suitable crypto project for each market sector can crypto take over the current financial system.

The MediBloc crypto is designed for the medical sector. MediBloc crypto is a blockchain specially designed for healthcare professionals, patients and researchers from the medical world. With the blockchain, for example, medical data can be stored or shared easily and securely.

This article covers several aspects of MediBloc. The role of MediBloc in the crypto market and what MediBloc can mean for the medical world is examined. In this article we also look at the MediBloc crypto forecast, the MED price forecast and the latest MediBloc news. What will the MediBloc course do?

Wat is MediBloc?

MediBloc is a blockchain specially designed for people of the medical sector of the society. From a technical standpoint, MediBloc is an open-source protocol. The protocol describes itself as a decentralized health information ecosystem built on a blockchain. The design is adapted to the needs of patients, healthcare providers and researchers from the medical sector.

The blockchain can easily be used to store, view and share medical knowledge when needed. Of course, the data of patients on the blockchain is very well protected. Patients can also enter their own medical information if necessary. In this way, the medical world becomes less centralized while preserving the quality of care and also ensuring the security of medical data.

Connected to the MediBloc ecosystem, the MED coin also has a function on the network. In the view of MediBloc, the MED coin can be used as a means of payment. The coin can be used to pay for medicines and research, for example. In addition, the coin can also be used to regularly pay a fixed amount to an insurance company.

What does the MediBloc rate do?

To raise money for the design of the MediBloc blockchain, MediBloc has held an initial coin offering. During this initial coin offering, which ended on December 15, 2017, $7.13 million was raised. The value of 1 ETH coin was equivalent to 78809 MED coins during the initial coin offering. The current MED price is $ 0.020843.

The first price data of the MED coin dates from December 27, 2017. Shortly after listing on the stock exchange, the MED value showed a significant increase. But shortly after this rise, the value also fell sharply. This pattern of rise and fall seemed to repeat itself a few years later, in early 2021.

The highest MediBloc value of all time, also called the all time high, is at $ 0.351852 and was reached on April 2, 2021. This means that it has been 535 days since the price of MED reached its highest peak. The project currently has a market cap of $ 112,184,937 and the coin is in place 223 in the ranking of crypto coins based on market cap.

Keeping track of the course is very important. There are all kinds of influencers on social media platforms and the internet who call themselves experts in the field of crypto. They make all kinds of price predictions. However, it is important to keep an eye on the price yourself and make your own predictions. Then you can also be the first to act adequately and optimize your strategy. Below is the MED price chart.

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What is the MediBloc forecast for 2022 – 2027?

In this article, we discussed the use case of MediBloc. We have looked at the application of MediBloc in the medical world. If the medical world makes more use of this application, the value of the network and the value of the currency will increase considerably.

It is difficult to make a MED forecast for 2022 around the price because there are many factors that can greatly influence the price of the coin in the short term. MediBloc can, for example, enter into new partnerships or be integrated into a leading hospital at once.

When we look at the MediBloc price forecast for 2022 – 2027, it is positive if the developments of the MediBloc network go well. However, it remains difficult to make a MED prognosis. This is because the MediBloc network is relatively new and therefore no estimate can yet be made for the MediBloc price prediction over 5 years.

When you read a MED expectation for 5 years from now on the internet, it is important that you do not consider this MED expectation to be the truth. No one can predict the course of the price exactly. Therefore, always do your own research into the price development of MediBloc.

Historical Price for Medibloc

Date Open Close High Low Volume

What is the use of the MediBloc coin?

The MediBloc network is thus built for professionals and patients from the healthcare sector of society. The coin belonging to MediBloc, the MED coin, has various applications for this target group. The currency can be used to trade medical services or pay for health insurance. The currency can also be used for trading or investing in economic terms.

When you are going to trade or invest in MED, it is important to keep an eye on the exchange rate of the currency. You can also look at the scarcity of the currency. After all, as scarcity increases, the price of the currency will rise if demand does not fall too much. You can see the scarcity of MediBloc by comparing the current supply (5,382,401,140 MED) with the maximum supply (8,591,975,064 MED).

Over the past 24 hours, the price has shown some volatility. This means that the price has not been stable over the past 24 hours. The price difference in the last 24 hours was 0.73%. For longer-term investors, it can be interesting to view the price difference over a longer period, such as a week. The price over the last 7 days differed -2.83%.

Huidige supply 5,382,401,140 WITH Maximale supply 8,591,975,064 WITH
% difference 24h 0.73% % difference 7D -2.83%

Where to buy MediBloc?

When you start working with the MediBloc network or the MediBloc blockchain, it is useful to own the MED crypto coin. You can buy this coin via Bitvavo. Bitvavo is a reliable cryptocurrency exchange.

A cryptocurrency exchange such as Bitvavo is an online platform that facilitates trading in crypto or other currencies. You can use fiat currencies or cryptocurrencies and then convert them into MED coins that you can use on the MediBloc blockchain. Below you can create a free account on Bitvavo.

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The latest MediBloc news

In this article we have already mentioned a number of factors that influence the MED price, such as the expectations around MediBloc, the use case and specific properties of the crypto. Finally, the latest MediBloc news is important.

By keeping an eye on today’s MED news, you will always be the first to know about the latest developments of the MediBloc network, the latest collaborations from MED and the latest investors. The official MediBloc Twitter account is a good source of information.