If you’re like us, you’re probably wondering how many beauty trends can Megan Fox unplug. And we have to say a lot – especially in the hair and nails department. On February 28, she held an impromptu audition to join the Spice Girls with the cutest high braids. Her effortlessly stylish curtain explosion moments are unforgettable. We’re particularly partial to her manicure, though, as she’s been having a lot of fun lately.

To keep us entertained on the timeline, Fox revamped the 2010s crackle nail polish trend on Instagram on April 13, and the striking orange with jagged gold accents is incredible. It’s definitely not the job of literally crackling nail polish (can you even buy that kind of stuff these days?), but the texture of the manicure itself brings us back. We can say that she’s never a careless person, as evidenced by the razor-sharp stilettos of her manicure. It shows the angular placement of what appears to be gold leaf on each nail.

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