Megan Rapinoe Not one to shy away from bold hair colors. We love her bright magenta shades for 2019, her electric purple and blue highlights for 2020, and her quirky half-turquoise, half-pink hair this year. Now, she’s got a brand new color, and you can probably guess what the soccer star’s next shade will be.

On May 9, Rapinoe posted a series of five photos on Instagram. “Fit and other shenanigans,” she captioned the post. While she’s trying to make her outfit the star of the carousel, we think we can all agree that the most important part of the photo is the debut of her new green hair.

Her signature pixie cut is parted at the sides, and her hair is short on the sides of her head and a little longer at the top. It was dyed light green, almost turquoise, but if you look closely, you’ll see that her roots are still her natural brown, adding a bit of depth to the look. Plus, the color really complements her skin, so kudos to Rapinoe for her color choice.

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