Just when we thought Megan you stallion Can’t get any hotter, she’s going to prove us wrong.

The Houston-born rapper announced the release of her new single “Plan B,” which will be released this Friday, and posted a steaming tub photo to her Instagram on April 20. The photo shows Meghan in a white tub covered in bubbles (almost) her entire body. Her hair was simply styled, flowing down her shoulders and sinking into the tub.

As for her makeup, she wore warm-toned winged eyeshadow, minimal eyeliner, false lashes, and a neutral lip color. The contours of her face are sculpted and stunning, the highlighter accentuates her cheekbones, and the darker shade compliments her cheeks and jawline. The water in the tub also made her look more radiant.

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But you know Meghan still has to give it her all. The long white claws she’s wearing in the photo are the same as we’ve seen over the past few weeks. Using gel tips or acrylic tips for extension, her manicure was submitted to sloping perfection. Her beautiful looks and bubbles scream “clean,” but if we get to know Meghan and her style, her new song won’t.

We love this look from the “Body” rapper and can’t wait to see if this bathtub shot ties into the single’s theme. With the recent release of “Sweetest Pie” featuring Dua Lipa and now “Plan B”, we hope to see an album coming out soon.