Megan you stallion Recently spent her best life in a sunny and secret place.During this trip, the rapper from Houston abandoned her gorgeous wig and put on a set Shadow position, We, like many of her fans, have always been obsessed with Protection styleOf course, in addition to the new hairstyle, she also launched a super cute millennium bug French manicure, which we haven’t seen enough.

This nail art is not obtained through its own dedicated Instagram post like the typical Megan Thee Stallion.So if you missed it, don’t worry; you can catch a glimpse of them in the second picture of this photo Instagram posts And in the following screenshot of her story.This is not your habit French manicure There are white hints, because Captain Spice is by no means typical. She chose neon pink at the tip with a few hearts, which really brought us back to the early 2000s.

Provided by Instagram/@theestallion

In real Thee Stallion fashion, these are some Woo woo paw.They seem to be partial to this Lipstick shape Meg loves it so much. The pink she chose is a suitable choice for nail art because its heart-shaped details look really beautiful. The white shade that outlines each heart really gives this manicure the Y2K vibe required.

Provided by Instagram/@theestallion

To be honest, Captain Spice Girl rarely (if any) is disappointed with her manicure. She is always very enthusiastic, we are always very excited, eagerly waiting for her next nail trends.

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