What do you think you are hot That 720 horsepower 2022 Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series? please.These days it’s all about four-figure clubs until Mercedes-AMG One supercar On the road, if you want Merc to reach this power quota, then you are out of luck. Well, at least if you are a land duck. Mercedes-AMG and Cigarette Racing have just teamed up to develop their 13th motorboat-a boat carrying up to 2,250 horsepower-to provide people with salt spots with a bunch of cash to grow mold.

A really withered daisy, that. This powerful power comes from a set of five 450-horsepower 4.6-liter V-8s from Mercury Racing, enough to push this eye-catching orange boat to a top speed of 90 mph.Even if you stop on a slide in the Florida Keys, no one will mistake you for being slow; Cigarette Racing teamed up with the Mercedes-AMG design team and design director Gordon Wagner to create an extremely aggressive Of motorboats, inspired by Land GT Black Series, It does seem important.

The end result is orange-very, very orange. Based on Cigarette’s 41-foot Nighthawk model, the aptly named Cigarette 41′ Nighthawk AMG Black Series ships in a unique magma orange hue with contrasting white, black and orange interiors. There are also many interior decorations to check, as there are 10 of your closest friends or attractive Lando seats that you picked from the dock. Naturally, the AMG brand adds color to the cabin, so you don’t have to worry that people will mistake you for a non-Mercedes fan.

If you care more about technological toys than speed (which is weird, but we can tell who), Nighthawk is equipped with the latest nautical technology, including a large center console with a large Garmin touch screen and a set of passenger information screens. Of course, when you finish playing lightning on the beach, you can settle down and play your favorite yacht rock on the ship’s high-fidelity nautical sound system, or take a nap under the deck before cruising back to land.

This is a Cigarette Racing craft with the highest quality of fit and finish-it should be because of its undisclosed seven-figure price tag.If you are interested but want to know Exactly How much will this make you flinch, um-you know what they say you have to ask. If you really can’t stand it, please contact Cigarette Racing.

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