Although Mercedes-AMG GT 63 SE performance It is a powerful electric car, and its all-electric functions are very trivial.But if you want AMG To improve performance while using as little gasoline as possible (ie not using), there is now the Mercedes-AMG EQS 53.It combines EQS class luxury Has impressive AMG power.

EQS 53 has two electric motors like regular all-wheel drive EQS, but the electric motors themselves are different. They have different windings, software, and even improved cooling. There are cooling channels in the rotor shaft, stator and inverter.It also has a gearbox oil cooler and A 400 volt battery pack It has a mode that can be adjusted from maximum range to maximum performance and repeated execution. It has a capacity of 107.8 kWh and can handle 200 kW of DC fast charging like regular charging, but the range has not been given yet. In standard driving mode, EQS 53 can produce 649 horsepower and 700 pound-feet of torque. But after pressing the Race Start button, the motor output will briefly increase to 751 horsepower and 742 pound-feet of torque. This will enable the car to reach 60 mph in 3.4 seconds and a top speed of 155 mph.

Mercedes-AMG doesn’t just stop at power. The EQS 53 has many AMG-specific adjustments, such as different rear subframes, motor brackets and control arms.The air suspension is based on the system used AMG GT Role model. Rear-wheel steering is also standard.Before parking, there are six pistons brake Calipers and single-piston rear wheels. They can be upgraded with carbon ceramic rotors, which also enlarges the front rotor to 17.3 inches similar to disks. AMG’s sports driving mode further prioritizes performance within the range, adjusts the power distribution at the rear, and even obtains a unique sound design.

In terms of design, AMG EQS 53 is more aggressive than conventional EQS models.It has larger front air intakes, just like those on the AMG Line Body kit, But there is a grille with vertical chrome slats, AMG badge, larger rear spoiler and diffuser fins. Internally, the standard configuration of Hyperscreen dash is three large displays under one glass. A flat leather AMG steering wheel with paddles is installed together with AMG pedals and side door sills. The standard interior is black artificial suede with red stitching, but other interior options are also available.

The pricing and availability of AMG EQS have not yet been announced, but we expect its starting price to be even higher than EQS 580.

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