Mercedes-AMG and the Florida ship Cigarette Racing announced their 13th cooperation product.Light, long, orange, nighthawk AMG The black series is inspired by the GT black series.

The automotive and marine industries rarely meet, they often Bumped into something incongruous When they do, but Partnerships The relationship between AMG and Cigarette Racing is more meaningful than it seems.To a certain extent, Cigarette Racing has produced water equivalent to its German partner Sports car. Its ships are fast, high-tech, and luxurious, but correspondingly expensive. The 41-foot-long Nighthawk AMG Black Series is no exception.

According to the manufacturer, it has a two-step hull that provides better water performance and provides a deck and hard top for passengers carbon fiber Weight control. Even better, it is powered by five supercharged 4.6-liter V8 engines, which occupy most of the rear end.Built by HG For racing cars, the 40-cylinder outboard fleet provides 2,250 horsepower, and only two levers are required to control the cavalry.

Cigarette Racing quotes a top speed of 90 mph, which is just below 112 mph 720 horsepower GT Black seriesHowever, the ship offers some conveniences not found in a coupe, including 10-seater seats, three Garmin 8617 screens, displaying key information about the ship and its waters, and a bow thruster.

So, cars, boats, or both? Well, if your name does not appear on the build slot, then the answer is neither.Mercedes-AMG tells Automatic blog The Nighthawk AMG Black Series is a one-off boat that has been sold. Pricing information has not yet been announced, but it may cost seven figures. For context, Mercedes-AMG charges $326,050 (Including a mandatory destination fee of $1,050) GT Black series sold out in the United States.

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