This Mercedes-Benz C-Class All-Terrain is official, but it does not seem to be suitable for the United States. Mercedes The disbanded station wagon was announced today, but the only region currently linked to consumption is Europe.You may remember what we proposed Ideas to build a C-class all-terrain vehicle for the U.S. through spy photos Not long ago, although these hopes seemed to be dashed today.

However, we can still see what might have happened.Just like E-class all terrain, This Class C All-Terrain has a sturdy design with a large plastic coating on the fenders. It has a unique bumper (different from Estate), and Mercedes even installed an artificial front anti-skid plate to make it look stronger. Of course, all-wheel drive is standard.

However, as the photos of All-Terrain capturing the air show, Mercedes has indeed strengthened the suspension of this model for better off-road capabilities. First, it is 1.6 inches higher than Estate. A larger steering knuckle was installed, and its shock absorber adopted a new comfort-oriented tune. The damper itself adapts to the surface and can provide better stability than standard Estate dampers under harsh conditions.

All-Terrain is also equipped with a pair of new off-road modes. The standard “off-road” mode is suitable for dirt roads, gravel roads and sand. At the same time, “Off-Road with DSR+” is designed for tougher terrain, and sometimes you may go along steep hillsides. When you switch to one of these off-road modes, a new off-road light will also come on. This mode provides wider than usual lighting, but it will turn off if your vehicle speed exceeds 31 mph.

Due to the different shapes, All-Terrain is longer, wider and taller than ordinary Estate, but it is only slightly different. You can get the standard configuration of 17-inch wheels, but you can choose up to 19-inch wheels-the latter sounds like it might destroy the goal and impair the All-Terrain’s off-road capabilities.

You will notice the All-Terrain’s interior and All other C-class modelsThere are no major changes inside, but the infotainment system does have a new off-road vehicle status display. Here you will find important information about the car’s inclination, descent, and steering angle. In addition, your current geographic coordinates and compass will be displayed.

Considering that we won’t get this C-class sedan, the engine option is not important, but Europeans can choose gasoline or diesel engine Options, all use 48-volt mild hybrid technology.Europeans will see new C-class all-terrain vehicles Dealer Later this year, Mercedes showed it at the Munich International Motor Show in September.

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