like last month, The biggest discount a car buyer will find New car All apply to expensive Luxury car. There are two differences from last month, none of them Rolls Royce It can be found anywhere in the top five. Sorry, one percent. But just because it does not represent the pinnacle of European luxury does not mean that you can’t find big discounts on cute luxury cars.In fact, this month’s list is made up of 2020 Mercedes-Benz S-ClassThis is a technological miracle, pampering its drivers and passengers with all the bells and whistles that a German brand must provide.

This Mercedes-Benz S-Class Provide a variety of shapes and sizes, and provide a variety of power system options.This means that the price of the entire model series will vary greatly, but on average, in 2020 S class Buyers saw that the car’s list price was US$109,447, a decrease of US$11,803, and the average transaction price was US$97,644. This saves nearly 11%.It is worth noting that there are New S-Class in 2022, But the 2020 version is still a lovely machine.

Next is Porsche Taikang, Ranked second just like last month. Buyers saw the average list price of US$125,736 but had to pay US$113,938. This is a saving of $11,798 (approximately 9.4%) over the price on the window sticker.As was the case last month, we are not sure how many Taikang Buyers will be able to declare taxes rebate Because of Taycan’s position Electric car, But this may mean further cutting off car stickers.

The top three in July are Maserati GhibliThe average discount for this Italian luxury car is US$10,161, which is equivalent to 14.3% of the car’s list price Ranked at the top of the vehicle discount list by percentage. If you are a Maserati Fan but Ghibli Not your espresso Levante Cross and bigger Quattroporte There are also great discounts for cars.

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