The development of the automotive industry has been gradual and continuous since its inception. Over the years, we’ve seen how brands blaze a trail. In addition, they also follow newly created brands, such as Chinese brands. Of these “steps” or “rites to follow,” two should not be overlooked. first, Build brand image (with a nice logo and font) Second, powerful look.

I still remember when Korean houses arrived in Europe. Hyundai, Kia or Daewoo do it with friendly design Enter through the eyes. They hired the services of a famous designer and it didn’t go in vain, except for Daewoo, which wasn’t too bad for them.then this pre grill game what is the first thing we see Features that best distinguish brands and models the rest.Then this is the case Benz

From 1900, the first Mercedes-Benz front grille debuted at 35 PS…

The evolution of the radiator grille - from chrome edged radiator caps to avant-garde artefacts and sensor hubs

Maybe you don’t know, but you definitely know. Mercedes-Benz is one of the oldest automakers in the world. Therefore, it is one of the brands that has made a solid contribution to this road, and it is the only way for all brands born after this.To remind us of its vital importance in the automotive world, it released an image showing us Aesthetic evolution of the front grille.

Did you know that the first front grille wasn’t born as an ornament? In fact, they were the radiators used to cool the large engines of the first cars. everything, Time to see, this element changes its design to blend in with the rest of the body. This is how in 1900, on the nose with 35 PS, the first Mercedes-Benz grille came to the world…

Mercedes-Benz E-Class AMG 53 Coupe 2020

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As we said, the first one is nothing more than a heat sink, but Everything changed in 1931. This Benz 170 For the first time, the radiator was mounted behind the grille, which is how the iconic “Merche” grille was born. But that’s not the only element dominating the facades of the Bavarian house model. The three-pointed star is the logo of the company Like the grill, its aesthetic has evolved over the decades.

If you look at the photo, you will see Mercedes-Benz models know a total of 18 grilles. and in the future this element will not disappear, as the Stuttgart house is also betting on its new design and style, Slightly different depending on the model. They are no longer as big and chrome as they used to be and will soon be completely streamlined, but at their core, they are still there to win our hearts…

Source – Mercedes-Benz