Berlin– Daimler It is expected that its sales will drop significantly Mercedes Its CEO stated that due to the global semiconductor shortage, the division in the third quarter compared with the previous quarter Car week weekly.

“With the closure of the factories of semiconductor suppliers in Malaysia and elsewhere, the challenge is now greater, so our sales in the third quarter may be significantly lower than in the second quarter,” Ola Kaellenius said in an interview Released on Thursday.

After the recovery in demand earlier this year led to a lengthening of the supply chain, the automotive industry is facing new pressures. The COVID-19 epidemic in Asia has hit chip production and operations in commercial ports.

Kaellenius said in an interview with industry publications that he believes the company is better prepared for supply chain shocks than before the pandemic. He said: “We make our business more flexible and impeccable,” adding that customers are used to waiting for popular products.

After reporting better-than-expected second-quarter earnings, Daimler maintained its full-year profit rate forecast unchanged in July.

Due to chip supply disruptions, it is not the only automaker to warn of reduced revenue in the third quarter.Competitors include Volkswagen, Toyota with auspicious It has been pointed out in recent weeks that shortages and re-emergence of COVID-19 cases may threaten sales in the coming months.

Consultants JD Power and LMC Automotive also warned last week that due to these two factors, US auto retail sales may fall sharply in August.

Kaellenius did not predict that the shortage will end, and pointed out that supply shortages such as the blockade in Malaysia are unforeseen. “The important thing is that there is a demand for cars,” he said. “At some point, the chip problem will also be resolved.”

Daimler will announce its third-quarter earnings on October 29.

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