Formula E champion Mercedes The automaker announced on Wednesday that it will withdraw from the all-electric series at the end of the second-generation era in 2022 and focus on Formula One racing.

A few days ago, Dutch driver Nyck de Vries won the Formula E world championship in eighth in the final race in Berlin. Mercedes also won the team championship after Stoffel Vandoorne finished third.

Benz Today announced that it will end its ABB son At the end of the 8th season in August 2022, the success story of Formula E as a team player and manufacturer,” said the manufacturer In the statement.

“Looking forward, the company will concentrate on work Motorsport Formula activity 1, Consolidating the sport’s position as the fastest laboratory to develop and prove sustainable and scalable future performance technologies. “

In December, German manufacturers Audi and BMW It is confirmed that they will withdraw from Formula E at the end of this year.

Mercedes announced the new strategic direction of its brand in July, with the goal of achieving all-electricity by the end of the decade.

The automaker said: “As part of the new strategic direction, the brand deliberately chose to transfer resources to accelerate the electrification process, including the development of three pure electric architectures to be launched in 2025.”

“Therefore, Mercedes will reallocate resources from its ABB FIA Formula E World Championship program and apply lessons learned from the competition to series product development.”


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