The transfer to Paris will reunite Messi with his close friend Neymar who played for Barcelona.

Lionel Messi in tears Said at the press conference In Barcelona on Sunday, joining the French giants Paris Saint-Germain is a “possibility”.

The cash-rich Paris Saint-Germain is one of the few clubs that can afford the Argentine, and the Argentine confirmed that he will leave the club where he spent his entire career.

The transfer to Paris will reunite the 34-year-old Messi with his close friend Neymar who played for Barcelona.

However, Messi stated that he “has not signed with anyone” and insisted that a photo of him on vacation with Paris Saint-Germain stars including Neymar and Angel Di Maria made waves on social media in recent days.” Just a photo”.

He said that there is no doubt that he designed a road to Princes Park, adding that other clubs are also interested.

“As a press release [of his departure] After the release, I received a lot of calls from interested clubs,” he told reporters, applauding him for a few minutes when he took the stage at the beginning of the press conference.

“There are currently no arrangements, but yes, we are under discussion.”

According to the “Parisian”, an agreement between Paris Saint-Germain and the Argentine may be reached as early as late Sunday.

French sports daily L’Equipe predicted a three-year “record-setting contract” with an “annual salary of 40 million euros (47 million US dollars)”.

Messi can sign for two seasons, plus an optional season.

Spanish media added that the Champions League four winners can receive a signing bonus of 30 million euros (35.3 million US dollars).

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