A giant crocodile showed up on Thursday on the east coast of Mexico in the center of the city of Tampico. Among the witnesses of the gruesome event was also a local journalist, Porfirio Ibarrawho filmed the predator in action.

In the video you can see the water flowing on the surface talks with the naked body of a man; very serious injuries are also visible. Because of a drastic sight we decided not to share the source material.

It appears that the animal is at least three times the size of its victim. The scary video has been viewed on Twitter almost a quarter of a million times. “Man probably entered a lagoon to swim and then he was attacked, “claims Ibarra.

According to the Mexican portal “Excelsior”, Civil Defense officers took care of the capture of the dangerous crocodile. After locating the animal they managed to capture the reptile and fish out the body. According to the services report the victim is a young personwhose identity remains unknown.

Initial investigators’ findings point to the man is grabbed by a crocodile and pulled into the waterwhen he was walking along the Fidel Velázquez boulevard. Then, with his body in his mouth, he entered the Carpintero lagoon through a system of storm tunnels.

Fish taken out it is 3.37 meters long and weighs over 200 kilograms. The Federal Environmental Prosecutor’s Office has decided to place a crocodile in a nearby zoo. Whether the predator will be released into its natural habitat remains an open question.

Laguna del Carpintero is a dangerous area they live in Morelet’s crocodiles. In a special campaign, the authorities ask the inhabitants and tourists to stay away from the shores of the reservoir due to the danger of an attack. Despite the appeals, it still comes serious incidents.

August 3 a crocodile attacked an eight-year-old girl there and her father Fernando Martinez Desiderio, who fought dramatic fight. The injuries to the child were extensive, but thanks to the decisive reaction and courage of the father, they were not life-threatening.