Immigration advocates slammed the caravan of about 400 people from Central America, Haiti and Venezuela, calling it “cruel”.

Mexican security and immigration officials prevented the passage of a new immigrant caravan and detained several people because the government began to disband the organization the day after they set off for the United States from southern Mexico.

At around 5 am local time on Sunday (10:00 GMT), members of the Mexican National Guard and the National Institute of Immigration (INM) began to surround immigrants on the edge of the southern town of Huixtla, prompting some of them to flee and witness The author told Reuters.

In the ensuing commotion, some of the parents in the caravan consisted mainly of Central Americans, Haitians, and some Venezuelans. They were separated from their children because officials tried to intercept people running to the banks of the Whistra River.

The operation to stop the caravan of about 400 people was carried out a few days after the officials dispersed Another big group Then the Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador) commented that he wanted undocumented immigrants to stay in southern Mexico.

Lopez Obrador also urged the U.S. government to help people find jobs. He spoke before a high-level meeting of U.S. and Mexican officials on Thursday, which will resolve economic issues and is expected to include immigration issues.

The caravan is mainly composed of Central America, Haiti and some Venezuelan immigrants and asylum seekers [Jacob Garcia/Reuters]

U.S. President Joe Biden takes office possible Take a more humane approach to immigration and cancel some of the toughest policies of his predecessor Donald Trump.

But the leader of the Democratic Party has always been there The Trump era order, called Title 42 This allows US officials to immediately shut out most asylum-seekers who arrive at the country’s borders to stop the potential spread of COVID-19.

Biden administration officials also exerted diplomatic pressure on Mexico, and Central American Governments, Do more to stop Large numbers of immigrants and asylum seekers A dangerous journey north to the United States.

In recent months, thousands of mainly Central American asylum seekers have tried to reach the United States, mainly due to poverty, unemployment, gang violence and destruction of the United States. Recent storm.

U.S. Immigration Advocate Bang Biden last month because of what they called “cruel, illegal and ineffective” measures aimed at preventing entry.

On September 1, a group of American public health experts also urge The government revoked the “discriminatory and unreasonable” Article 42 order and replaced it with “take measures based on sound scientific and public health practices and comply with U.S. laws and treaty obligations to refugees and asylum seekers.”

Immigration advocates condemned the pounce on the caravan, which included many children, as an “inhumane” act that spreads fear among asylum seekers [Jacob Garcia/Reuters]

‘Inhumane, cruel’

As happened with the caravan in Mexico before, some immigrants accused Mexican security forces of using excessive force during the intervention.

The Honduran woman Maria Martha Ramos said that some officials threw stones to detain people. Ramos said she will see if the main body of immigrants regroup so that she can continue to travel north.

The Mexican government recently condemned officials for violent actions against previous immigrants, and these actions are recorded in the video.

Lopez Obrador said last week that the strategy of curbing immigration in southern Mexico is untenable, and that the region needs more investment to prevent Central Americans from leaving their homes.

At the same time, local immigration advocates expressed disappointment with the strategy aimed at caravans.

Heyman Vazquez, a priest of Huixtla and an advocate for asylum seekers, described the early morning attack on the caravan including many children as an “inhumane” and ” The abuse of “cruel” power spreads fear and panic among travelers.


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