Miami’s season opener against Alabama couldn’t have been worse.

The Red Tides scored in the first five games of Saturday’s game, leading the Hurricanes 27-0. In Game 6 of Alabama, Miami safety guard Kamren Kinchens was forced to make a mistake, and Gurvan Hall Jr. appeared to have recovered the ball. This is a rare positive moment for Manediaz’s team.

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Kinchens then flaunted the famous chain of turnovers on the sidelines, which was an, uh, interesting decision considering that Miami was definitely hit.

Oh, but too good to be true. After further review, the referee team ruled that the Akashio has actually recovered the ball and will maintain possession of the ball. This meant that Kinchens had to unfortunately remove the turnover chain and asked several Hurricanes staff to put it back in the box.

The unintentional comedy at that moment was too much for Twitter.

Miami scored at the end of the first half, reduced the score to 24 points, and then entered the locker room. The momentum has shifted!

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