On Sunday President of Law and Justice He appeared in Mielec, where he met with voters.

The PiS president referred to the demonstration of his opponents in front of the building where the meeting is taking place. – Here, when I entered I heard: “thieves, thieves”. Who allowed Poland to be robbed for tens, hundreds of billions of zlotys? Those there – said Kaczyński.

– Who made all sorts of smaller scandals? This VAT was the greatest, second fuel, but also such as Amber Gold. Who did it? Us or them? – asked the PiS president. – Do we accept Mr. Neumann’s rule that the courts are ours and as long as you’re in the PO, they won’t hurt you? Not. We punish our people. We punish so harshly that even in one case it cost him his life, I will not mention the name here, but it was so – he said.

According to the PiS president his environment is “hard” in this respect. – And that we are not perfect, that various things happen … They do. There are no perfect people in the world, no sinless people, except for Christ and Mary. And various things happen to us, but we react to it – assured Kaczyński.

Jaroslaw Kaczynski he said that “some complain that the services, and the special anti-corruption bureau, focus mainly on ours and not on strangers, this is the result of a recommendation I gave while still prime minister.”

– When I was the prime minister and this office was organized, with every oath of young people, I said “remember that first of all you have to control those who are in power” – said Kaczyński.

The PiS president referred to the Polish opposition, calling its policy “a crisis of public life“.

– What is normal in a democracy is a clash between the authorities and the opposition, there is no such thing in Poland. The opposition uses methods that go beyond the normal practice of democracy. It creates a very bad atmosphere – he said.

As an example of a “good” political classJarosław Kaczyński quoted Germanywhere, as he said, “there is unity in dispute.”

“The German political class is united, although it can also argue over power, but it is moving in one direction,” he said. – It would be good if it was similar in Poland – he added.