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The Angels’ genius Masahira Otani is doing something that has never been seen in baseball in 100 years. If he stays healthy, even if it’s not the greatest single-season performance in the history of the sport, he may be one of them.

Given the nature of the NFL, two-way players basically do not exist. But the Ravens winger Calais Campbell believes that his former Jaguars teammate Miles Jack can not only become a two-way player, but also a two-way player who can “dominate” like Otani.

Answering a brazen question about “NFL Total Access”, Campbell weighed it up and said that Jack was the guy:

Campbell’s tweet said: “I believe the player who can dominate the ball in the NFL like Otani in Major League Baseball is Miles Jack.”

The athletic and talented Jacksonville linebacker has never made a breakthrough on the offensive end of the NFL, so maybe Campbell believes the potential exists, but Jack obviously did not show it at the highest level.

However, Jack does have some previous running back performances in college teams: During his time at UCLA, Jack made 68 rushes for 387 yards and 11 touchdowns in three seasons. He was then mainly a linebacker and was Elected as a member of the NFL.

Ohtani ushered in a breakthrough season, which allowed him to play an important role in the 2022 home run derby and the All-Star Game. If he stays healthy for the rest of the time, the Angels’ starting pitcher and DH will enter the MVP season.

There is no doubt that it is very difficult to become a two-way athlete. After all, it is rare in sports for a reason. In a sport that consumes energy like the NFL? Don’t count on it.

It’s better to leave Jack in the box.


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