Sir Alec Isigonis never seriously envisioned the original Mini as a performance car. It is a cheap and cheerful economy class, developed as an alternative to the popular bubble car in Britain after World War II. Racing engineer John Cooper has played an important role in revealing the Mini’s movement. BMW’s companies are celebrating the 60th anniversary of the partnership and launch a limited edition Hatch model, which will be sold globally.

The commemorative hatchback is aptly named the anniversary edition and comes in British racing green, midnight black or rebellious green (depending on the version).No matter which paint you choose colour, The lamp frame, door mirror cover, door handle and roof are painted white, while most of the other exterior parts are painted black. The number “74” appeared on the hood and doors; it was chosen as a reference to the original Mini, and it wore the same number when it won its first victory in the main race. Red accents add a finishing touch to the appearance.

Open the door and you will see a specific version of the door sill plate with the Cooper logo. The same design appears on the three-spoke steering wheel, with a red ring on the passenger side of the dashboard, which pays homage to the original John Cooper logo. The signatures of John, Mike and Charlie Cooper appear next to the instrument cluster.

Mini will not make any major mechanical changes to the Anniversary Edition. The packaging can be ordered together with the standard Cooper, Hotter Cooper S Or spicy John Cooper Works model.In its most powerful configuration, Hatch offers a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that has developed 228 horsepower.For the context, the original Mini Cooper Powered by a tuned 1.0-liter four-cylinder engine, it can produce approximately 55 horsepower.It can reach a top speed of about 80 mph, and it has brake discs brake (The standard Mini was originally suitable for drums on two shafts).

only 740 The units of the Anniversary Edition Hatch will be built globally. Pricing information has not yet been announced. And, although we know that the model is for the United States, there is no news about how many people will be sent to our shores. We have already contacted the brand, and if we learn more, we will update this story.

Cooper’s pre-Cooper model

Mini launched the first Cooper tuning model in September 1961, but the collaboration started earlier. Cooper knew Issigonis very personally, so he had the opportunity to drive a trial production Mini before the model was fully unveiled. He started to adjust as soon as he got the engine and chassis. In 1959, just a few months after the debut of the Standard Mini, Cooper asked pilot Roy Salvadori to drive one of the first prototypes from the UK to Italy Grand prize At Monza.What should have been a scenic and fast-paced short trip across France became a complete match with Reg Parnell Aston Martin Database 4. According to reports, Mini arrived at the Monza circuit about an hour earlier than DB4, which surprised almost everyone, including Cooper.

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