Mitsubishi Can return to the rally world in the next few years.It can inject more performance into its range, but its need for speed will not produce a new version of Lancer Evolution.

Address to investors at the general meeting of shareholders Japan, Company boss Takao Kato explained that the first step in making a faster and more exciting car is Revitalize the Ralliart brand in May 2022“We plan to expand [Ralliart] According to a Japanese publication, the CEO stated that the various models will be used as genuine accessories at first, but we will also consider participating in the rally ReplyCrucially, the racing plan has not yet been approved.

How to carefully plan the potential return of the rebound remains to be seen. In the past, Mitsubishi’s rally superstar was Lancer Evolution (pictured), Retire without successor In 2015.The company’s current scope includes Crossover, SUV, with Pickup trucks apart from Mirage, It may be too small to reliably turn into a rally car.Although it’s easy to guess that returning to the racetrack will bring Evo back to the racetrack, even if it doesn’t Lancer To build it, Kato poured cold water Years of rumors Plan the future of the nameplate.

He emphasized that the next-generation Evo is not yet ready, even though Mitsubishi shareholders are asking for it. “Electrification costs are high, and we are still not strong enough. We had a huge deficit at the end of the last fiscal year,” Kato said. “First, we need to revitalize the company. Then, we will consider launching the car that fans are looking forward to.”

His plan to revive the company includes Launch a variety of mainstream models Fire continuously in rapid succession.This Mirage, Eclipse cross, with Outlander movement Recently benefited from a series of updates, most of which are quite popular and New foreigner It was launched earlier in 2022 and has been significantly improved.

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