By now, you’ve probably heard of CBD. In fact, we will be shocked If you don’t – it’s absolutely everywhere! People take CBD for various reasons: to feel more relaxed, Relieve chronic painand even help prevent cancer.

But, can you mix CBD and alcohol?

In fact, not much research has been done in this area. However, there is some evidence that CBD is generally safe when taken with alcohol, despite some caveats.

Read on to learn everything you need to know about the possible effects of combining CBD and alcohol.

CBD may enhance the effects of alcohol

Obviously, both CBD and alcohol can help you relax. Alcohol is classified as a neurological depressant — meaning it slows down brain activity, which is why you feel free and relaxed after a drink or two.

However, this effect may be stronger when paired with CBD.

One of the few studies examining how alcohol and CBD interact in the human body dates back to 1979.published in journals Psychopharmacologythe study provided participants with 200 mg of CBD capsules per kilogram of body weight and 1 gram of alcohol.1

It found that those taking CBD plus alcohol exhibited dyskinesia and distorted perception of time — basically, they were drunk.

The fact that CBD and alcohol work together to make you feel more uninhibited can be seen as a good or a bad thing. It’s great to be released from stress and tension, but you’ll also be more intoxicated and therefore more likely to make bad decisions.

So if you decide to try combining CBD and alcohol, make sure you’re safe at home. If you take them alone, you should also use smaller amounts – caution is important here.

CBD may lower blood alcohol levels

The 1979 study also found that people who drank alcohol and took CBD had lower blood alcohol levels than those who only drank alcohol. This suggests that CBD may lower a person’s blood alcohol level.

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What does a blood alcohol level mean? Well, the higher a person’s blood alcohol level is, the more “drunk” they are.

Therefore, CBD can help you maintain cognitive performance when you are drunk. You will be drunk, but less “affected”.

However, this finding should be taken with a grain of salt.That’s because recent research (for example, a 2018 study in animals) suggests that CBD does no Significant effect on blood alcohol content.2

This also seems to contradict the idea (from the same study) that CBD combined Drinking alcohol can make a person more drunk than drinking alone.

Basically, the jury is still out on this issue. However, you should probably exercise caution when taking two different substances that both suppress the CNS.

CBD can prevent the negative effects of alcohol

It goes without saying that excessive drinking can have many negative effects: liver disease, brain cell death, heart problems, and more.

but if CBD can actually reduce these effects?

Research seems to suggest it can.

A 2013 study looked at people with related neurological problems to alcohol intake.Researcher Application CBD gel for skin In these rats, they were found to have a staggering 49 percent reduction in cellular brain damage.3


Second study in 2014 showed that the livers of the mice were protected from the oxidative stress brought on by alcohol – the liver cells regenerated faster, so the damaging effects were less pronounced.4

If the same applies to humans (and there’s little reason to think it won’t), then the message is huge. Contrary to the idea that CBD reduces blood alcohol levels, the assertion that it prevents the negative effects of alcohol is more well-founded and exciting.

However, it’s still not solid. Even if it turns solid, it doesn’t mean you can drink water as much as you want without any health consequences (which would be nice, but it’s not realistic), so don’t do that!

CBD as a treatment for alcoholism

Another area where CBD might make alcohol more “palatable” is in reducing a person’s likelihood of becoming addicted to alcohol, and even helping those who are already addicted.

A 2018 study showed that alcohol-addicted mice were less motivated to drink after being treated with CBD.5

The truth may be that CBD often helps with addiction. Another study in 2013 showed that taking CBD smoking reduced by 40% than those not taking CBD.6

Clearly, CBD can be used as an alcohol cessation aid, such as experienced by people looking to quit smoking. One study showed that alcohol withdrawal symptoms were more tolerable for people who also took CBD.7

So, can you mix CBD and alcohol?

the answer is it seem Just to be on the safe side, but we’re just not sure. If all of the above is true, then you’re basically getting the benefits of alcohol without the downsides — CBD may even help with hangovers (especially the headache)!

CBD is really promising for liver protection and signs of alcoholism

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However, more research is needed before we can be 100% sure that the interaction between CBD and alcohol is only positive.

Now, enjoy a CBD martini at your own risk.You can perhaps That’s okay, but obviously, make sure you’re not driving!

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