The New England Revolution and Atlanta United became big winners after playing 11 games in the mid-week of Major League Soccer, which also made the suffering of all three teams in Texas continue to intensify.

Revs, who have remained unbeaten in the past eight games (7-0-1), filled their league lead record (14-3-4) and extended their advantage in the Eastern Conference to 14 with a score of 3-2. Points won at home, and their suitors lost points. These results also allow Atlanta to occupy more positions in the playoffs after winning the third consecutive game.

In the West, the story of this season is a familiar one: The Seattle Gulfers have been looking for a way to win (11-3-6, 39 points), and the Dallas Football Club, Houston Dina, based in Texas The motorcycle team and Austin Football Club are the opposite, occupying three of the last four seats in the conference.

Buchanan is a rising star

Less than two weeks before the European transfer window closed, Tajon Buchanan’s value continued to rise after scoring a second goal in four days and contributing to Revs’ victory again. Losing to DC United 1-0, Revs’ reversal occurred after three substitutions at halftime, including Buchanan, who started and scored after a 2-1 victory in his hometown of Toronto on Saturday. Took a breather.

The 22-year-old Buchanan was selected with the 9th overall pick in the 2019 Major League Baseball Draft. He performed well in Major League Baseball and the Canadian national team, and international teams have also noticed this. MLSsoccer.com Tom Bogert reports that a $7 million deal has been reached In cooperation with the Belgian team Bruges Club, the club will participate in the UEFA Champions League in September.

Targets like the volley against DC (video below) make $7 million seem like a low number. Buchanan’s national team coach John Hedman mentioned that Buchanan shares some similar qualities with compatriot Alfonso Davis. The latter moved to Bayern Munich in January 2019 and reported a transaction value of $22 million. .

Atlanta United is surging

The performance is obviously not their best, but in Atlanta United’s 1-0 victory over Toronto Football Club, there are many things to like. This is the club’s third consecutive victory, only three points away from the last playoff spot in the East. .The club’s new coach and former Seattle assistant Gonzalo Pineda has not officially taken over. Scheduled to meet with the team on Friday.

Ezequiel Barco continued his good form and won with deflected shots. But more importantly, after three seasons of five moody and ups and downs, he exudes a player atmosphere, that is, he is ready to become a confident leader and take on more responsibilities.

What other Eastern Conference playoff contenders really care about is the $12 million signing of Luis Araujo’s debut. In fact, every touch of the Brazilian pushes the team forward and makes the attack more dangerous.

When Araujo was substituted after 67 minutes, the fans recognized his influence and stood up and applauded:

International Miami has life

The most dramatic end of the night occurred in Miami. Inter Milan’s Rudolph Pizarro came off the bench and scored the 93rd minute winning goal in a 3-2 win over Chicago in stoppage time. For International Miami, this may be a turning point in a turbulent year, with two games now and only 8 points away from a playoff spot.

On the bench and in the owner’s suite, the nervousness was obvious. There, the camera captured part of the owner’s David Beckham pacing and painful in the missed opportunity. But manager Phil Neville said his players are fighting for each other. Perhaps this goal can help Mexico international Pizarro, who spent $12 million for the team last year, regain his confidence and play a more important role in the team. This can use his thoughts on offense. This year he only started 9 of the team’s 19 games.

The star replaces Austin early and loses

When you replace your star player out of the game after 29 minutes, this is by no means a good sign. It happened in Austin, first-year head coach Josh Wolfe yanked Cecilio Dominguez early after a series of mistakes to start the game for the expansion team Austin Football Club. This is not necessarily related to injury:

According to SofaScore’s statistics, the Paraguayan forward touched the ball 13 times, conceded 4 times, and passed the ball with an accuracy rate of 57% (he received 4 out of 7 passes). Another Austin star, Tomas Pochettino (Tomas Pochettino) also failed to achieve his goal on the night when the opportunity came. In a game Austin needed, they lost to Vancouver 2-1 at home and led 1-0.

The club is located in the cellar of the West End, only 8 points away from the playoff spot. Due to the team’s six losses in the past seven games, the optimism of the team’s early strong start gradually faded, and the enthusiastic fan base began to express their dissatisfaction. According to the remarks made by the locker, it is not clear whether there is an immediate solution.

The next seven games will determine whether Austin can return to the playoffs. Five of these games were played at home, and the two away games were also close to the bottom of the Western Conference: Houston and Vancouver were encouraged by the arrival of “Scottish Messi” and Ryan Gold, who was playing against Austin The first assist in the game.

Regardless of the results of these games, the young Austin fan may enjoy the second half of the season as well:

Do it again

After three losses in July—their only loss of the season—everything for the West-leading Seattle Gulfers returned to normal. After a memorable victory over rival Portland 6-2 on Sunday, the Voicers scored a gritty victory after a short break in Dallas. The way Seattle won the championship was amazing.

Head coach Brian Schmetzer chose to start the match between Nico Rodero and Raul Rudiaz, but when the match started 0-0, he replaced them in the 63rd minute. They immediately started merging the winners-stepping onto the court after 30 seconds (video below):

The Sounders continue to achieve results, but they are still 7 points behind the New England team, setting the best record in the league. There is a game on hand, and there is time to worry about a shield game for supporters. At the same time, Schmetzer was able to enjoy a victory on his 59th birthday:

KD at home

Kevin Durant attended the Philadelphia Union’s 1-0 defeat of New York Football Club at Subaru Park. The NBA star and recent Olympic gold medalist won a 5% stake in the club last year. He visited the senior team, including meetings with fans before and after the game, and the team’s head coach Jim Curtin (Jim Curtin). Curtin). On the sidelines.

League captain Alejandro Bedoya ensured that Durant was happy to go home and promoted the Philadelphia team to fourth place in the Eastern Conference with a score of 1-0. Curtin called it the league’s best victory of the year.

The championship loses again and Zades is injured

The defending MLS Cup champion Columbus lost 1-0 to the New York Red Bulls for the fifth consecutive game. Although they are only 3 points away from the playoffs, based on coach Caleb Porter’s post-game comments, you would think they are double digits behind in the Eastern Conference playoffs.

“I will take responsibility, I will take responsibility,” Porter said. “We didn’t get the result, the finger will be pointing at me. Keep pointing at me. I have to correct it. I have to sort it out. We are in a difficult situation now. Obviously, we dug a hole. Two days from now, we must turn around again and join the alliance. One of the best teams in the game [Seattle Sounders]. Our backs are against the wall. We will find out what we are all made of. I. Players. Our culture. everything. “

For Crew fans and supporters of the U.S. men’s national team, the most worrying is the injury to starting forward Gyasi Zardes, who was forced to withdraw from the game due to injuries before halftime. After the game, Porter has not discussed with the team coach, he said, “Looks like a hamstring-soft tissue injury.”

USMNT will also host the first three World Cup qualifiers in early September: El Salvador (September 2), against Canada (September 5) and Honduras (September 8). If Zardes is excluded, considering other issues involving USMNT offensive players, the depth of the national team may be tested-DC’s Paul Arriola was injured in DC, Orlando’s Daryl Dyke since August 1st I haven’t participated in the game since, and players such as Matthew Hope and Josh Sargent are still spending their club season in Europe.

Head coach Greg Berhalt hopes that injuries will not continue to accumulate, otherwise we will see some new faces called to fill up.

Beer and Twicks

Not surprisingly, the best lines of the night came from Revolutionary coach Bruce Arena and international Miami color commentator Ray Hudson, who have long been known for their fascinating quotes.

But we may have to compare Hudson’s simple return on Miami’s first goal, which he said at the time was “as easy as eating a Twix.” These are some of the hardest caramel to chew.

All the Arena did was crown the “beer-drinking champion.” In his view, this is the former New England Revolution goalkeeper Matt Reis (Matt Reis), he is visiting the team and DC United game. Reis worked at Arena in Los Angeles, and the two are very familiar, so this title definitely holds up.

“It’s nice to have Matt [Reis] Here,” Arena said, “because if I want to go out for a beer, of course I can go to Matt Reis. He is the champion of beer. “


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