Intel’s Mobileye said Tuesday that it is testing self-driving cars in New York City (including the bustling Manhattan area) to prove that its technology can handle people crossing the road, construction areas and even horse-drawn carriages.

Mobileye CEO Amnon Shashua said at a press conference that the company has begun testing vehicles with only cameras in the city in the past few weeks, calling the driving environment “very challenging.”

“Testing in New York City is really a headache,” Shashua said, citing a series of driving challenges for the Big Apple, including night light pollution, aggressive driving, two-person parking, and pedestrian ignorance of traffic rules.

Shashua said the ability to walk through the streets of New York City is a key step towards commercialization. Self-driving car It can cope with various driving environments.

Shashua said that after providing officials with all the data on the company’s previous self-driving projects in other cities, Mobileye obtained a test permit from New York State.

General Motors‘Cruise, an autonomous driving unit, received a similar permit in 2017, but after Mayor Bill de Blasio expressed concerns about safety, it finally abandoned its plans to test vehicles in New York.

On Tuesday, the mayor’s office and the city’s transportation department did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Reported by Tina Veron; Edited by Bernadette Baum


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