In the next few days, Modenas will likely unveil a new model when the video is released trailer on social media. It applies to the new Karisma 125 S, which is said to be launched on February 24 this year.

All we can see in this video is the front, and there we can see the new Karisma 125 S featuring LED headlights with DRL, vibrant colors and graphics, and disc front brakes.

Karisma 125 Having been on the market since 2016, the arrival of this new model is indeed considered a must to ensure its continued competitiveness. This model uses the base from the Kymco Ace 9, but for this new model, we’re still not sure what brand of base it uses. Looking at the Kymco website in various countries, we couldn’t find an identical model to this Karisma 125 S.

The Karisma 125 is powered by an air-cooled 124.6 cc single-cylinder engine with a carbureted fuel system, with 14-inch rims, matching front disc brakes and rear drums, accessories like a 4.6-liter fuel tank, and a regular analog instrument panel.

With a new model coming later, we expect it to be improved in features like fuel injection, ABS braking or digital instrumentation. As for engine capacity, Modenas may deliberately not want to use a 150cc engine on this model, but wants to target it to middle-class users as well as more casual users.

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